How does using a VPN protect your online activity?

VPN protect your online activity

Many people who just learned about VPN got confused on how does use a VPN protects your online activities? A VPN is a virtual private network that helps you in securing your IP address and data from hackers through a tunnel. Here, in this guide, we will explain to you how does using a VPN protect your online activity let’s dive into it.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a network that provides you online privacy and makes you anonymous by creating a tunnel from a public internet connection. VPN hides your internet protocol address so that no one can trace the real you and your online activity. 

There are many VPN service providers available in the market that will offer you various functions and features to protect your connection from hackers. 

NordVPN, CyberGhost, ExpressVPN, ProtonVPN, HolaVPN are some of the examples of these VPN service providers. 

However, Hola VPN is one of the common VPN used by many people by using the Hola VPN coupon code you can also get this VPN service easily. In our next section, you will find how using a VPN protects your online privacy.

How Does Using A VPN Protect Your Online Privacy?

Are you sure that no one can see what you are doing online even you are using your phone?? 

No, you are not having your full privacy someone is watching you and a VPN helps you to stay away from those peoples by providing these features:

Hides Browsing History

Do you know that when you surf on the internet your internet service provider can easily see your browsing history or what you are doing online? 

There are many websites where you have been visited keeps your browsing history by saving your cookies etc. A VPN protects you from those kinds of websites. 

It also hides your online browsing data and history from your internet service provider. 

Masks Your IP Address and Location

When you browse on the internet without using a VPN anyone who traces your IP address can easily check what you’re searching on the Web and where is your location. 

This can result very harmful for you. Anyone can use your data and may misuse it. By using a VPN you can protect your IP address and location from mischievous thieves.

Unblocks Geo-Restricted Contents

When you want to access your favorite streaming platform, whether you are traveling or feeling lonely at home. Somehow you stuck and unable to access them. That happens because your server does not apply to that particular region. Sometimes you are unable to access special coupons or Promo Code for a specific website, using VPN you can easily change your server location and get your 

In this situation, VPN is the most useful thing VPN provides you so many servers of various places. You can connect where ever you want and watch your favorite content easily even while traveling it unlocks much gro-restricted content. 

Protects Many Devices

VPN protects all your devices including your PC/Computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. It protects every device from prying eyes especially when you are connected with public Wifi. 

Provides You Internet Freedom

A VPN provides you privacy from your internet service providers, government surveillance, spying websites, etc. So that you can use your internet freely anytime you want. It provides you the freedom to perform all your favorite tasks on the web.

So, this is how a VPN protects your online privacy and that is why you need VPN privacy. 

Features That You Should Look For While Looking For A VPN Service Provider

Below are some important features that you should always while choosing a VPN service provider:

  • It should not keeps your logs or records your data but respect your privacy. 
  • Use the best protocol for the encryption of your data such as OpenVPN, PPTP, iKEV2, etc.
  • Provides unlimited data and bandwidth.
  • It should have a wide range of server options.
  • Can access multiple devices. 
  • Provides  money-back guarantee 
  • Gives a responsive customer support 
  • No speed throttling.
  • Can unlock many geo-restricted or streaming platforms as well. 
  • Strong data encryption such as AES-256-bit.
  • Allows torrenting and split tunneling 
  • Also, check whether it unlocks Kodi’s add-on or not. 
  • Kill switch option. 

These are some of the important features that a VPN service provider must so, always look for these options. 

The most important feature of this is the money-back guarantee it gives you security. If you are not satisfied with the services you can ask for a refund. 



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