How to leave a toxic Relationship?

How to leave a toxic Relationship?

Relationships are complicated, especially in today’s world where you can meet people on the internet who are complete strangers and date them. Initially, everything seems to be going well, but soon, issues start to come up, and the harsh reality of figuring out the future must be faced. While it is true that any relationship requires effort, and fights are a part of every couple’s life, there are some things that cannot be overlooked or solved. These ‘red flags’ pop up at different stages and are very easy to ignore. In fact, most people say that they did not consciously assess them until a major issue made them look back over the entire period of the relationship. Couple’s therapy for misaligned priorities and usage of sex toys to spice things up in the bedroom are possible solutions, but how do you know when a relationship has become toxic? And how do you leave a toxic relationship?

Signs you are in a toxic relationship

A toxic relationship is one that leaves you feeling drained or uneasy or has a constant conflict or any combination of these. Partners in a toxic relationship are not supportive of each other and have unhealthy competition. So here are some signs to look out for that indicate if a relationship is toxic.

1. Your partner is controlling and/or jealous 

He/she doesn’t celebrate your successes with you; in fact, they are threatened by it and make you downplay your achievements. They keep track of who you interact with and forbid you from talking to certain people. You need to constantly be with them else they get worried and disguise it as a concern.

2. They always find something wrong 

In a toxic relationship, your partner always finds shortcomings with you or with what you do. They criticize your appearance or offer unsolicited suggestions about your work, or do not appreciate the effort that you put into planning an occasion. All this can leave you feeling horrible.

3. Not taking responsibility

Partners who do not own up to their mistakes are toxic. They try to blame you or someone else for problems and do not want to take steps to resolve issues. It can go to the extent that they do not let you even bring up things that you want to discuss. This can be frustrating since every relationship needs communication and growth.

4. You feel like you don’t matter

It is always difficult to make plans when both of you have a lot on your plate. However, if it seems like your partner never makes the time for you or constantly forgets the plans that you have, then it is a red flag that indicates toxicity. It is important that your significant other prioritizes you and your relationship.

5. Being with your s.o is draining 

If you feel spent or exhausted after the both of you have spent time together, this means that you are in a toxic relationship. Another worrying sign is if you don’t feel like yourself around your partner. In fact, they make you feel depressed or anxious when you’re with them.

toxic Relationship

How to leave a toxic relationship

Breaking up is always difficult. If you’re in a toxic relationship and your partner has made you feel like you won’t find anyone else, letting go can seem impossible. But, you must leave a toxic relationship, no matter how hard it is. A great step that can help you is to write down everything that bothers you in the relationship and evaluate how these actions or situations make you react. You can reach out to friends or family for assistance and even visit a therapist to help you through the painful process and the recovery. 

After you have ended things, the next step is getting over the toxic relationship. You can indulge in activities and hobbies that your ex-partner looked down upon or forbade you from doing. Spend time with supportive friends and focus on your work. And your sexual needs don’t have to take a back seat. You can explore variety of sex toys available today and have a good time! 

Toxic relationships are abusive and have you constantly second-guessing yourself. Knowing when to leave a toxic relationship and taking the leap to end it is very important. Focus on yourself and give yourself the space to grow and explore. You can figure out what you like in the bedroom as well by using toys. Meet new people and do not settle until you find somebody who is perfect for you.



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