5 Services Qualified Electricians Can Perform You May Not Know

Services of Qualified Electricians

Home repairs like a creaky door hinge or a hole in the drywall are some simple repairs anyone can do. While your home electrical system is something that a licensed electrician is qualified to do. If you are inexperienced in this field, do not touch it as it is not only dangerous but it can lead to electrocution and possible electrical fires. Hence, why property maintenance checklist has to get a once-over from a licensed electrician. When you contact to request help from electrician in Miami, you need to know there are numerous services and repairs that qualified electricians can do you might not know like those mentioned below. 

  1. Ceiling fan installations 

Ceiling fans are home fixtures that are versatile and help to give your air conditioner a break. Best installed in living rooms and bedrooms, ceiling fan replacements or installations, need a professional electrician to check if the room is fit for the service or repair. As the room may not have been constructed with accommodating wiring for the installation. If you have a room that could use a cool breeze or you hope to reduce your monthly electrical bill from using an AC. Call an electrician to have a proper installment of the fan that is efficient and safe. Also, you can have an electrician address any ceiling fan issues you have such as slow blade oscillation, flickering lights, rattling, and others by assessing the fan’s wiring. 

2. Panel upgrades 

Electrical systems in your home or office are complicated, and sometimes you cannot isolate the problem to a specific place. Therefore, have your property’s electrical system inspected to ensure the longevity and safety of the installation. Some of the warning signs of a faulty electrical system include crackling sounds from the fuse box, multiple blown fuses, outlets hot to touch, and the presence of two-pronged outlets. But, you need a licensed electrician to detect some red flags only they can find. Hire a professional to inspect your electrical system fully, if you notice any signs of a problem. Also, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel to update your electrical system to work safely and effectively. 

3. Pool and outdoor lighting

Every property owner wants to have a huge draw when it comes to the functionality and appeal of their property. This needs a well-lit outdoor area or landscape. The electrical setups of outdoor areas have their set of challenges and you need a professional to do a good job. Some landscapes require a specific amperage, others elevated or suspended lighting, buried cables, and many other specifications. Hence, why you need a professional electrician to complete the job safely and not sacrifice the aesthetics. Besides, a professional will have the right tools for installation and can mitigate the risks of steep falls and electrical shock

4. Outlet installation and repair

Did you know licensed electricians not only repair the outlets but create new ones? More so, in residential properties where the outlets in a room are too far for to use. Today, it is a huge selling point for renters and homeowners to have easy access to plugs for their lighting and electronic devices, so outlet placements matter. Through assessing the capacity of your home’s electrical system an electrician will determine the safest outlet. Therefore, after an inspection is done, your electrician can install a range of outlets and switches for all property needs including, timers, dimmers, and even home automation. 

5. Appliance lines 

The electrical and amperage demands of modern appliances can be a challenge for older properties to hold up. Thus, installing new large appliances like ovens, dryers, washers, and flat-screen TVs is not about unboxing and plugging them. Large appliances must be wired to the home properly, and you may have to upgrade your electrical system before installation. To protect your appliance, you, and your property, installing a dedicated circuit is a form of appliance wiring connecting it to its electrical circuit. This service is done for any heavy-consuming appliance like microwaves, refrigerators, outdoor lighting, sump pumps, dishwashers, and more. However, this is common in areas a lot of electricity is used in a concentrated area. 


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