Hot Water Good for Health – Top 16 Reasons Why You Should Drink It

Hot Water Good for Health - Top 16 Reasons Why You Should Drink It
Why is hot water good for you?

Is hot water good for health? Well, this is a common question that everyone is looking for answers to. The disadvantages of drinking hot water are almost negligible compared to its vast goodness. It not only improves your internal health but also reflects its benefits externally. Are you wondering what they are? Well, to solve all your queries and give you all the information, we will tell you how warm water works as a tonic in your body! Read on below, and we’re sure you won’t want to waste a minute more before you incorporate it into your diet!

Is hot water good for health?

As you know, water is extremely vital for all of us to survive. You should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day. Not only at room temperature, but the effects of drinking hot water daily are also immense! So, let us read below the pros and cons of drinking hot water!

Drinking hot water benefits

Let us check out how is hot water good for health:

1. Weight loss

If you want to maintain your weight, then hot water is a good option for you. It will help you to keep your metabolism healthy. If you are on a weight loss regime, then it is best you add some lemon to it. The lemon and lukewarm water will break down your body’s adipose tissue, further contributing to weight loss.

2. Throat and nasal congestion

If you drink hot water, you can get rid of coughs, colds, and sore throat. Plus, it clears your nasal congestion also. So, if you are suffering from coughs, colds, sore throat, or nasal congestion, you must start drinking warm water. It can give you relief from these problems instantly.

3. Menstrual cramps

Hot water reduces your menstrual cramps and relieves you from pain.  It also affects your muscles of the abdomen. So, if you have menstrual cramps, you can drink hot water to get rid of the pain and comfort yourself in a jiffy.

4. Body detoxification

While drinking warm water, the temperature of your body increases, which makes you sweat. Through sweat, your body begins to release the toxins, further detoxifying your body. If you want to get the best result, you can add a drop of lemon to it.

Piping hot water

5. Blood circulation improves

Hot water drinking can dilate your blood vessels and raise the motion of your blood flow in the body. If you take a bath in hot water, you must know that your veins and arteries widen. And this creates space in your body for proper blood circulation. Hot water drinking or bathing in it can improve your blood circulation in the body.

6. Relieves you from achalasia

First, let us tell you what achalasia is. It is vital you know that achalasia is an infrequent disorder. When someone has this, you will find them to have difficulty passing any liquid or food to the stomach. It gives a feeling that something is stuck in the esophagus, and one cannot swallow it smoothly. So, you can treat this rare condition by drinking hot water. It gives the person instant relief.

7. Relieves constipation

If you do not drink a sufficient amount of water, you may suffer from constipation. Additionally, your bowel movement can become very painful. However, drinking hot water will give you relief from constipation. This is because it will help the food to break down quickly and relieve you from pain faster.

8. Decreases your stress

Many people cannot sleep well because of high-stress levels. Stress can affect your body in many profound ways. The benefits of drinking hot water at night can help in releasing your stress levels. Moreover, it can also comfort you and improve your mood as well. So, you can drink hot water to reduce your stress.

Benefits of drinking hot water for skin and hair

After discussing all the reasons why is hot water good for health, we are going to discuss the benefits of drinking hot water for skin and hair! Here are the following:

9. Prevents premature aging

Excessive toxins present in your body can cause premature aging. But regularly drinking hot water can release your body toxins massively. And, removing the toxins can keep your skin healthy and also prevent damages.

10. Gives glowing skin

Hot water gives one glowing skin. If you can drink hot water regularly, you will find the difference easily. It will make your skin look bright gradually. You can add up some honey with it to get better results. Apart from your skin health, you can also help your body cleanse itself internally. This combination releases out from your toxins from your body which is harmful. These harmful toxins cause a hindrance in making your skin look beautiful. So, the release of harmful toxins from your body makes your skin supple and beautiful.

11. Reduces inflammation

Hot water has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to reduce inflammation. Moreover, hot water can also prevent your skin bacteria from spreading. Thus, curbing the possibilities of any skin infection. Pimples, acne, bruises, and minor cuts all these skin issues will reduce if you drink hot water with some honey every day. Additionally, if you are prone to getting acne frequently, you can try out this home remedy and see desirable results.

Pouring hot water

12. Decreases your blemishes and scars

Your skin may look dull due to pollution, dirt, bacteria, and many other reasons. As a result, your skin may develop blemishes and scars. Drinking hot water with honey every day decreases your blemishes and scars. This combination contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which are great for your body. These properties will help you to get rid of the dark acne scars and protect your skin. If you consume hot water, your skin will remain fresh, young, healthy, and safe.

13. Prevents your skin from dryness

With time, your skin may turn dry due to many reasons, but one of the vital reasons is dehydration. So, you can consume hot water to keep your skin hydrated and improve your body’s blood circulation. Thus, preventing your skin from getting dry and keeps it supple and smooth.

14. Makes your hair silky

If you drink hot water, your hair will become healthy and silky. Hot water nourishes your hair roots and makes them strong. So, if you want to get soft, smooth, shiny, and silky hair, you have to drink hot water regularly.

15. Promotes growth of your hair

Hot water drinking promotes your hair growth as well as prevents your hair fall. All your hair follicles contain some water. Sometimes this water in the hair follicle decreases, and it becomes dehydrated. As a result, your hair stops growing any further. So, you should drink hot water to lower your hair fall issue and increase your hair growth.

16. Prevents your dandruff

Hot water protects your dry scalp and keeps your hair hydrated. Moreover, it makes your blood circulation better. It is best you consume about three or four glasses of lukewarm water to prevent your hair from dandruff issues.

Hot Water Good for Health
Have lukewarm water in the morning

Disadvantages of drinking hot water

Nothing in excessive amounts is good for your health. You know how is hot water good for health, so now let us see what adverse effects it leaves on your health if consumed in excessive amounts. Here are the following:

1. Hot water contains more contaminants

If you consume hot water from the tap directly, it can become poisonous if your pipes are old. It is best you avoid consuming hot water directly as contaminants can dissolve easily in hot water. It is best you take cold water directly from the tap and boil it in an electric kettle or microwave.

2. Hot water may cause blisters

Boiling water may cause blisters in your mouth lining and lips. Additionally, you can also get burns. So, take a sip to understand the temperature and then start sipping on it.

3. Drink whenever you are thirsty

You should not drink hot water in large amounts. And you must only drink it when you are thirsty or haven’t had water for long.

4. Disturbs sleep

Drinking hot water excessively can disturb your sleep. You might want to visit the loo very often. So, choose a suitable time and then drink hot water.

5. Damages your kidneys

If you drink hot water in excessive amounts, it can damage your kidneys. So, you should avoid consuming large quantities of hot water to prevent kidney problems.

6. Dilutes electrolytes

Excess water intake dilutes electrolytes in your blood. It can affect your brain. You may suffer from several problems in your brain like headaches and more.

7. May cause breathlessness

You should know how much water you need to drink. Otherwise, hot water can cause harm to you. Excess intake of hot water can increase your brain pressure and circulatory system problems. As a result of this, you can suffer from breathlessness and other grave ailments.

8. Harms your teeth

A large amount of hot water can cause sensitivity to your teeth. You may understand it while drinking or eating something. So, you can say that hot water can erode your teeth’ enamel. So, please do not go overboard with it.

9. Causes dizziness

If you drink excess hot water, you can start sweating massively. All of which may cause nausea, dizziness, and uneasiness.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Here are some common FAQs about drinking hot water:

Is hot water good for health during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc in everyone’s life. People are living with fear and are looking for ways to boost up their immunities, as that’s the only way to fight off the virus. Even though the world has access to vaccinations now, but the protocols to fight and prevent the virus still remain the same. So, another way to remove congestion, reduce cough and also minimize the duration of cold is drinking hot water. It will reduce the duration of the illnesses, cure you and also prevent the chances of these infections causing in the first place.

Is hot water good for health of pregnant women?

Pregnant women can drink hot water, and it is absolutely safe for them. If you are pregnant, you can suffer from a constipation problem, which is a usual issue during the pregnancy period. And to relieve you, hot water can be helpful.

Hot water drinking can prevent constipation and will keep you hydrated well. However, you must avoid boiling water because it can cause scalds and blisters inside the mouth. Moreover, you should not drink hot water in excess also to prevent nausea, bloating, headaches, frequent urination, and dizziness.

How much hot water should you drink?

Every morning you should drink hot water of two glasses. If you drink hot water on an empty stomach, you will get rid of many health problems like high blood sugar, headaches, hypertension, constipation, kidney stones, indigestion, and many more. So, you should drink hot water a minimum of six to eight glasses regularly. This amount is sufficient for your health, and you need not consume more than that. The right amount of hot water intake will keep your skin, hair, and body well.

What is the best time to drink hot water?

There isn’t any fixed time for the consumption of hot water. You can either drink it in the morning on an empty stomach or drink it just before eating any meal or before sleeping at night. If you are suffering from achalasia, you should drink hot water after eating any meal. This consumption can push any food from the pipe to your stomach.

Final Thoughts

Hot water consumption can benefit you in so many ways. It has several health, skin, and hair benefits. However, you should drink the right amount of hot water daily to get all the benefits. Excess drinking of hot water can cause various health issues. However, you need to know how much hot water you should drink in a day and when it is the right time for you to drink hot water. We have provided you here all the details about why is hot water good for health. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and include it in your diet!

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