Is Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Good for You to Drink?

Is Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Good for You to Drink?
Benefits of cranberry juice

Back in 1930, three cranberry grower families came together with an excellent plan, which soon became a huge success. This was the beginning of the Ocean Spray story that has become an example for all budding cooperative societies. The association that started almost 90 years back is now a family of over 700 families giving the superfruit its due respect. However, is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you? Well, we will find out very soon.

The three visionaries who started it all were Elizabeth Lee, John Makepeace, and Marcus Urann. While their very first product was a cranberry jam, what grabs all the attention now is undoubtedly the Ocean Spray Cranberry juice. The best part that makes Ocean Spray a favorite is that you get to taste real cranberries. Moreover, cranberries are highly beneficial for skin and health. So, precisely, is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you? Yes, it is!

While we get into more details, later on, you would be happy to know that cranberries are rich in anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it is capable of protecting you from common problems such as UTIs and digestive problems. Moreover, the product contains zero artificial sweetening, which makes it a great option for weight watchers and diabetics. A serving of the Ocean Spray cranberry juice contains antioxidant polyphenols, essential minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers.

How healthy is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you if you consume it daily?

While too much of anything can have adverse effects, having the Ocean Spray cranberry juice in moderate amounts every day is beneficial. So, how much cranberry juice should you drink a day? The answer is 8-16 oz, as per experts. This amount is fair if you are trying to keep UTIs at bay. As per the statistics of the product,

  1. Every pack is filled with the goodness of real cranberries. Moreover, the taste is the testimony that justifies the claims.
  2. According to the sellers, every bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice contains the benefits of over 800 berries. Therefore, it is not just super-delicious but authentic too.
  3. The absence of artificial flavors and preservatives makes the product safe for all age groups.
  4. Every serving of this juice contains 60 calories making it an excellent drink option for weight-conscious people.
  5. Drinking a glass or 8oz of cranberry juice is the same as consuming a bowl of fruits every day.
  6. There are zero genetically developed ingredients used in the making of this product.

From the points mentioned earlier, the answer to your question is clear. Is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you? Of course, it is, but you must know how much to consume every day.

Is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for weight loss?

We are back to discuss the same question in more detail now. Is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you? Yes, but is it good for weight loss is the question that we will resolve in this section. On the one hand, there is no doubt that the fruit drink is sans any additional sugar. However, if you notice very carefully, the manufacturers do not claim that the drink is very low on calories.

Of course, it is healthier than having a glass of soda, but does it help in weight loss? You will be able to determine very soon. According to a group of people, the drink contains sugar from various fruits and has a low dietary fiber content. Therefore, it is best to consume it within proper limits. Moreover, if you do thorough research regarding Whether Ocean Spray cranberry juice is good for you, it is easy to identify that the juice does not contain just cranberries.

So, is Ocean Spray making fake promises? Well, not entirely, because it is just how they write their captions is very tricky and attractive. On the face of the bottle, you find “100% fruit juice,” which does not mean they promise just cranberries. Moreover, if you turn the bottle to check the nutritional facts, it becomes clearer.

Fresh cranberries

What does the nutrition list say?

While cranberry juice is the primary ingredient, the product is a medley of several fruits. A pack of cranberry juice contains pear, apples, grapes, ascorbic acid, and pectin. The manufacturers attract customers’ attention by mentioning that the product contains “zero ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS,” which is again tricky because the juice contains added natural flavors.

Another information that will help determine the answer to Is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for weight loss is the calorie content. While the pack suggests that a serving of 8 oz contains 60 calories, it is a little more. As per research, a small serving of the juice contains approximately 100 calories.

This product includes around 23 grams of sugar that come from the other fruits. However, the addition of other fruits helps to neutralize the extreme tartness from the cranberries. As a result, the juice becomes tastier, and you may end up drinking a few glasses even before you realize it. Therefore, Is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you? Yes, but only if you watch the calories in it!

Is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you: Are you losing weight?

If your ultimate goal is to lose weight, then the product will attract you at first will the bright captions. You may think that the vitamin C content and the goodness of so many fruits will prove to be beneficial for weight loss. However, you must understand the hidden information too.

Cranberry juice

It is not a secret that you will only lose weight if you work out and burn calories every day. Another point to remember is that you should only consume the number of calories to burn off. Therefore, consuming something that is moderately high in calories may become difficult for you to burn off. Moreover, the taste may lead you to drink more than you should, which means that you exceed your daily calorie quota.

The second factor is essential for you to know. According to several research reports, whole fruit is better than a glass of juice. It is a primary suggestion if you are planning to eat healthily. Therefore, a bowl of cranberries will work better for weight loss than a small glass of Ocean Spray juice.

The main reason that justifies this finding is that whole fruit is high on dietary fibers. As a result, munching on fruits instead of gulping down a glass of juice helps regulate blood pressure and diabetes. However, all of this does not mean a glass of juice is entirely unhealthy, and you should not drink it.

Instead, control the portion and consume fruit juice only in moderate quantities. You can also dilute a small serving of cranberry juice in some sparkling water to reduce calories.

Cranberry juice benefits for male and female

While a moderate serving of cranberry juice is good for everyone, let us find out the gender-specific benefits in the below sections.

What are the primary cranberry juice benefits for male?

The tart berries are very common when it comes to consumption by women due to several skincare benefits. However, there are some surprising benefits of these bright red berries for men too. Here is a list:

Regulates cholesterol levels

While good cholesterol is essential for good health, the case is just the opposite for harmful cholesterol substances. In this case, a moderate amount of cranberry juice regularly works very well in cholesterol regulation. Precisely, the properties of cranberry juice result in the improvement of lipoprotein content in the body. Moreover, the special HDL cholesterol elements in a male body help keep a balance in the blood circulation. According to studies, men who consume around 8oz. of cranberry juice are healthier than those who don’t.

Lowers chances of prostate cancer

According to medical experts, a moderate quantity of cranberry juice every day can help to keep prostate cancer at bay. The properties of this superfruit restrict the growth of harmful prostate cells. Besides, the benefits of the juice shows very fast and also helps to keep other types of infections at bay.


As mentioned earlier, the goodness of cranberries soothes inflammation and restricts infections. Moreover, it can fight strong bacteria such as E. Coli that cause UTIs. As a result of the regular consumption of cranberry juice, free radicals lose their mobility and become weak. Besides, the flavonoids and phytonutrients in every serving of cranberry juice keep urinary infections away.

Cranberry juice benefits female

In this list, we have mentioned the primary cranberry juice benefits female:

Better taste

Not just cranberries, but there are a few other fruits such as pineapples that are said to improve the taste of a woman. This happens due to the change in vaginal secretions of women. You will be surprised to know that whatever you eat more or less impacts the natural secretions from your body. Therefore, a few reports state that when a woman consumes a moderate amount of cranberry juice every day, it is more likely that her vagina smells better. However, there is still a lack of clear reports regarding this theory.

Restricts the development of ulcers

The properties of cranberry are highly effective against stronger bacteria such as pylori. It is the same kind of microorganism that plays a vital role in the development of stomach ulcers. Therefore, consumption of cranberry juice regularly helps to protect the GI tract and urinary system.

Rich source of vitamins

It is not a secret that a glass of pure cranberry juice is high in essential vitamins. For example, Vitamin B6, A, E, C, and K1 are present in it. Therefore, including a serving of cranberry juice along with a balanced diet can keep the RDA level in your body always in balance.

Reduces inflammation

Cranberry juice works wonders when it comes to cardiovascular inflammation. The fruit contains a great number of phytochemicals that reduce symptoms of heartburn. Moreover, it can repair any degenerative damage to your cardiovascular system due to plaques or hypertension. The former may result in fatal blockages in the heart.

Restricts UTIs

As mentioned earlier, one of the most common reasons why people consume cranberry juice is because it restricts UTIs. Now, this is one of the common cranberry benefits for male and female.

Does cranberry juice have any side effects?

Well, nothing beneficial comes without a set of disadvantages or side effects, and cranberry juice is not an exception. However, the number of benefits of these superfruits undoubtedly outshines the side effects. Here is what may happen due to an overconsumption of cranberry juice:

  1. High glucose level in the blood
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Regular stomach issues

What does cranberry juice do for you sexually?

You will be surprised to know that these little berries fall under the category of aphrodisiac foods. They contain several nutritional benefits related to your sexual health. One of the primary factors is that cranberries contain rich amounts of vitamin C. Therefore, the immunity system remains strong, and the blood flow improves. Besides, the secretion of nitric oxide in the body helps in faster sexual arousal.

Cranberry tea

Some scientists suggest that cranberries are not directly impactful on your sexual health. However, the fact that it keeps heart problems at bay improves your sex life. If you are wondering what does cranberry juice do for you sexually in this case, then you must know that the heart plays a vital role in your sex life.

Apart from being an aphrodisiac, cranberry juice benefits skin as well. It is a natural detox ingredient and also enhances skin glow. Moreover, it helps a person recover from the flu and also helps in weight loss. The vitamin C content works well against scurvy and tooth decay problems, and the juice is great to prevent kidney stones.

Final results

After knowing all the benefits of the superfruit, you must have found the answer to your question. So, Is Ocean Spray cranberry juice good for you? Of course, it is!


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