The Insane Benefits of CBD Serums

Benefits of CBD Serums

If you’re looking for help with pain relief, using CBD products might be the answer that you’ve been looking for. But there are so many different CBD products to choose from, which one is the most effective for your situation? If you haven’t tried a CBD cream or serum, you’re seriously missing out on the wealth of benefits of CBD serums. 

What is a CBD Serum? 

A cbd serum is a type of cream that can be applied directly to the skin. They come pre-formulated, so there’s no fuss or mixing of oils involved, all you have to do is massage it into your skin where you’re experiencing pain. CBD creams and serums are also known for being incredibly fast-acting, so you should experience relief right away. 

CBD serums also often include other ingredients to help your pain, such as menthol for cooling. Generally, a CBD serum will be helpful for those who experience chronic pain or those who are experiencing acute pain. 

Benefits of Using a CBD Serum or Topical Cream

The best part about using a CBD cream is that there aren’t any negative side effects associated with them. CBD is derived from the marijuana plant, but it has no THC in it, so you won’t feel high at all. If you are worried about whether or not it will have an effect on you, try it out for a few days to a week or two to see, you’re bound to experience some of the great side effects of CBD if you give it a shot. 

Reduced Acne 

Because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help with acne and other skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. Just dab a bit on the areas that you’re having trouble with and massage it into the skin. If you’re using CBD for skin problems, you may want to avoid products with menthol in them if your skin is especially dry. 

Arthritis Relief

There are so many different types of arthritis, and CBD can help provide relief for a lot of them. If you experience joint pain or inflammation associated with your arthritis, CBD serums will be able to help provide some relief, making your chronic pain easier to deal with. 

Jaw Pain Relief

Jaw pain is common with anxiety and peripheral neuropathy (a type of nerve damages that causes discomfort). If you’re the kind of person who grinds their teeth at night (or even during the day), putting a lot of pressure on your jaw consistently, you may be able to find some relief when using a CBD cream. Make sure to purchase one that is safe for use on the face. 

Reduced Inflammation and Generalized Pain

CBD serums are also great for reduced inflammation and pain in general. If you’re experiencing pain that occurred because of a traumatic event or injury, you may be able to use CBD serum to help minimize the pain you’re feeling while you wait for your injury to heal fully. 

How to Use a CBD Serum

The best part about CBD serums and creams is how easy they are to use. There’s no tricky dosing, mixing, or anything. All you have to do is squirt it out of the bottle or container and apply it to your skin, making sure to massage it in really well. You should start to feel relief within an hour (but usually sooner) of putting it on. If you don’t experience relief right away, don’t give up. You should continue to use it for a week or two, as it may take the body some time to adjust to the use of CBD.


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