How to Take Care of Your Fashion Jewellery

Care of Fashion Jewellery

Over the years, fashion jewellery has become popular due to its affordable quality. Online fashion jewellery has also made them easily accessible. But do we love our fashion jewellery less than our precious ones? I mean, sure they are cheaper than the later ones but let’s be honest, it will hurt us to see our fashion jewellery losing its lustre or getting damaged. You must use these steps to take care of fashion jewellery.

But I must also tell you that your fashion jewellery is more prone to wearing out due to the quality of raw material used. But don’t just give up yet! 

Remember the famous quote, which means if you care, they stay! Now, this quote also applies to your fashion jewellery. In simpler words, yes, the jewellery pieces can be preserved for a long time if you maintain them. 

Taking Care of your Fashion Jewellery

Here are – ways to preserve your fashion jewellery-

1. Keep your fashion jewellery dry and clean

As mentioned above, costume jewellery pieces can soon lose their lustrous primarily when they are not appropriately maintained. If you have used gold plated fashion jewellery pieces before, you know that they can quickly lose their colour, making them look cheap. 

Be it our body moisture, oil, water, perfume or any other type of chemical. It is advisable to keep them away to preserve their colour and lustre. All you need to do is, remove your jewellery before applying cream or perfume. 

Another easy way is to apple your perfume and other cosmetic products before wearing the piece. This will also ensure that your skin doesn’t get the greenish mark that fashion jewellery produces while wearing out, which can cause skin irritation. 

2. Remove your costume jewellery pieces before sleeping

A lot of people wear jewellery pieces even while sleeping, and it considerably decreases its life. The reason behind this is, you can accidentally cause tarnishing or breakage while you’re asleep. What’s worse is you can also get scratches over your skin. 

Therefore, to ensure no harm is done to either your or your jewellery piece, please remove it and keep it in your jewellery box before you go to bed. 

3. Avoid coating 

While this is a new trend and yes, it can enhance the appearance of your jewellery piece. But it can also damage your piece in the longer run. Therefore, the best solution is to let your piece be the way it is. 

4. Not meant for daily use.

One thing you must remember is that your fashion jewellery is not meant for everyday use. Using it daily can lead to discolouration and defeat the purpose of costume jewellery. 

Therefore use your pieces consciously, and therefore this will also lengthen your longevity. 


These are some easy ways in which you can ensure that your fashion jewellery pieces stay longer with you. Follow them and I ensure you will notice how elegant your pieces look, even after a long period.



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