4 tips to keep your bathroom in top condition

bathroom in top condition

The family bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, but it’s often neglected. If left unattended to, bathrooms can become messy and hotspots for mould and grime, so it’s important to keep on top of your bathroom maintenance. Knowing where to start isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together our top 4 tips to keep your bathroom in top condition. 

  • Always choose a suitable bathroom paint 

If you decide to redecorate your bathroom, always make sure to use a bathroom paint that will protect your walls against moisture and humidity. The moisture and humidity levels in a bathroom lend themselves to causing mould and damp. Left untreated, mould can begin to pose health risks, so it’s definitely something to be taken seriously.  

  • Less is more 

Whilst we love accessorising, it can become problematic if you leave too many items in the bathroom. Try to avoid putting too many things in your   (yes, even your collection of trailing plants!), as this can create bacteria, mould and general clutter. Invest in some under-the-sink storage to hide away your toiletries and only keep the essentials on show. 

Not only will this reduce the chances of your developing a damp problem, but it will also save you time when cleaning – bonus points! 

  • Be picky when it comes to cleaning products 

There are lots of cleansers and cleaners available nowadays. From pet friendly, to sustainable, to powerful – but which ones are best for the bathroom? If you’re looking to tackle your bathroom, make sure you look for cleaning products made specifically for bathrooms. 

Whilst we love a good multi-surface cleanser, they aren’t up to scratch when it comes to bathrooms. For extra mould-destroying action, look for a cleaner made especially for tackling mould and mildew. Also, almost every bathtub and sink inevitably accumulates soap scum. Most commercial cleaners work well in removing soap scum from glass shower enclosures when used weekly.

  • Make it a daily habit

It can be difficult to find the time to clean your bathroom, but it’s well worth making an extra effort to clean your bathroom regularly. Try not to wait until it’s messy and you see mould appear on the shower tiles. If you keep on top of things, cleaning your bathroom could be as easy as a quick 5-minute once over each day!  

By simply clearing your surfaces, tidying away anything you’ve used, wiping the surfaces and giving the toilet a once-over, you can keep your bathroom spotless 24/7.  

And there you have it! Unsightly bathrooms are a thing of the past. By following our 4 steps to a perfect bathroom, you can make sure your bathroom is always visitor-ready. 


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