Construction Fire Safety Plan: Dos and Don’ts

Construction Fire Safety Plan

Construction is a dangerous occupation. But the hazard doubles with the presence of flammable materials and the absence of proper fire systems. U.S. sources suggest that more than 4,800 construction sites catch fire each year, resulting in nearly $35 million in property damage. To prevent any acts of vandalism and havoc, safety measures against fire are inevitable. That is why construction workers should devise effective construction planning suitable for residential and commercial grounds. It doesn’t matter how minute or colossal your construction work may be. If the safety of your workers, friends, and family concern you, these measures will compel you to take stringent actions right away. Here are the basic dos and don’ts of Construction Fire Safety Plan.

The Dos Of A Construction Fire Safety Plan:

Install Fire Detection and Alarms 

You may be able to shout ‘fire’ in a small construction site, but it may not be a wise option for the large ones. Since fires can spread instantly, you cannot rely on petty means to ensure the safety of your workers. That is why installing fire detection devices and alarms to easily sense even the slightest fire is significant. 

Whether systems are wired or unaided, with the alarm going off to catch fire, it will be easy to prevent it right on time. Such a measure will disable any dangerous activity like property damage nearby. 

Install Heaters Safely 

It may become slightly challenging to continue working on construction sites during winters. Especially during the night, amidst the cold atmosphere, it is natural to look for ways to warm up. Temporary heaters may seem like the ultimate way to do it. But without proper caution, it can quickly become a grave cause for fire attack in any vicinity. 

So, you do not want to be careless with heaters at all. That is why it is significant that you install heaters with utmost safety at these sites. Look for a safe position to install it that may reduce the chances of fire attacks nearby. You could also ask for a guard to assist you with the same. Besides, make sure that the heater is never covered or left unattended. Moreover, we recommend you keep it away from any combustible materials as it can quickly catch fire. 

Install Fire Extinguisher Wherever Possible 

Although it is not exactly a fire extinction tip, it is one of the most prominent ways to get rid of fire immediately. So, even if the fire has occurred, it will be pretty easy to extinguish it by installing a fire extinguisher at regular intervals wherever possible. So, the extinguisher won’t just stop the fire from burning but also spreading, growing, and causing calamity nearby. 

Installing a fire extinguisher can also improve the productivity of the construction workers as they will be stress-free about a fire occurrence. So, remember to install the correct type of fire extinguisher that is compatible with the diverse classes of fire that could occur. 

Perform A Fire Risk Assessment 

A potential fire risk assessment helps keep the fire at bay and ensure utmost safety in construction sites for all workers. For starters, identify the fire hazards by looking out for combustible materials, people smoking, and other factors that can quickly cause a fire. 

Once that is done, identify the people who are at significant risk for the same. People who may be smoking more often than others may be at a greater risk for this. So, the third step would be to evaluate the ways you can control the risk. The best way to do that is by prohibiting smokers from smoking near the site. 

You could then begin to install fire safety measures as per requirement. Once that is done, record the findings, and prepare an emergency plan to help manage the fire attack right away. Finally, you can review and update your risk assessment consistently to make necessary alterations to your construction site and prevent a fire attack. 

The Don’ts Of A Construction Fire Safety Plan: 

Don’t Smoke Anywhere Near The Site 

Over the years, there have been numerous fire attacks due to consistent smoking near construction zones. That is why smoking should be prohibited in almost all construction areas. Create a signal board that cautions people from smoking near these sites. Also, make sure that no one is carrying or lighting a match near these areas as they can quickly catch fire. 

As construction areas contain high fire risks, everyone has to be confined from smoking here. If at all someone wants to smoke, they can do it at least a few miles away to ensure the utmost safety of all construction workers. Remember, even a discarded cigarette end could cause irreplaceable damage. 

Don’t Leave The Site Without Security

Construction sites contain several harmful materials and chemicals. Without proper security on the site, anyone can hop in to experiment with them and cause a fire. Hands-down site security can prevent people from the construction grounds, administer the space carefully for any harmful phenomena and maintain guard to ensure all safety. 

Potential site security can prevent arson and deter individuals from the site when necessary. You can also substitute them with a CCTV camera or a security lighting system to maintain utmost vigilance. 

Don’t Have Combustible Materials Nearby

Many combustible sites are swarmed with flammable materials that can easily catch fire. Fuel, protective covering for equipment, and lumber are the main driving forces. It is significant to keep them away from the construction site to prevent fire occurrence whenever possible. 

Check for any combustible material that you may catch off guard. Discard them immediately or store them in a safer place from where they may not be able to cause any damage. 

The Bottom Line 

Watch out for any common construction fire causing hazards, mainly electrical wiring, unattended heating units, and more. Installation of emergency fire exits in massive construction sites could also be a potential measure against the same. By switching to these precautions, you can easily prevent fire occurrence in a construction site and deal with such situations wisely, if at all they occur. 






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