Types of Shutters to Know (Interior & Exterior)

Types of Shutters

When you’re thinking about redecorating your home and moving from curtains to shutters, you want to consider both the interior and the exterior. If you are planning on keeping your curtains and adding shutters only to the outside of your home, you will need to know more about a set of shutters that will easily complement your home from the inside to the outside. You will still be able to enjoy your beloved curtains, but with the help of a professional, you could find a way to make both work. Let’s look at types of shutters: 

Exterior shutter:

  • Raised Panel 

Think of kitchen cupboard doors, and you will get an idea of what these shutters would look like on your windows. There are usually no slats, they are wooden, and they are an excellent choice for most homes with a more mature look like a countryside villa.

  • Louvre

These gorgeous shutters have been designed with their angled slats to allow light and air to flow freely. They are fixed at the sides. The look of the design is more casual and suits homes that are lower in design maintenance and more free-flowing. 

  • Board and Batten (BnB)

These shutters have the most uncomplicated design. It appears to be very rustic and often suits an apartment-style home. It has a thin pole across three panels that you can have vertically or horizontally and make it easier for you to keep the design less complicated if you need to add more to your home. 

  • Bahama

These shutters are better suited for homes situated in stormier regions as they were meant to protect the windows against hail storms and other harsh weather

Interior shutters 

  • Shaker shutters

These simple shutters provide your windows with shade but also protection from the elements. The panels are flat and solid and have been designed to block out bad weather. 

  • Café style shutters

French cafes have inspired the look of these shutters that give lots of light and privacy to the windows.  They are designed to inspire sophistication while providing privacy with their half window design perfect for lower floor apartments. 

  • Tri-folding shutters 

These shutters give flexibility and allow a large amount of light to enter the room. They look similar to room dividers and can give you the option of having a dummy curtain or leaving the window as is. They look beautiful on full windows or smaller windows found in the kitchen or bathroom. 

The shutters mentioned above are only a few of the many types of shutters that you can have installed in your home. It is always important to remember that a professional is essential when it comes to fitting your shutters. All windows are slightly more unique depending on your home and will need to be measured to the exact specifications. If you are uncertain about the kind of shutters that will suit your home, then take a look around at some of the showrooms for Worcester shutters. This way, you can get an idea of what they look like in person, and you can ask a sales assistant to give you the advice you need on having them fitted at your home for either the interior or exterior. Remember that as much as hardware stores try to tell you about DIY options, this is a task that is best left to the professionals, no matter what. 



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