How to organize a perfect bachelor party

perfect bachelor party

Were you named the groom’s best man at the wedding? This means that you have some important responsibilities. The most important of these – to organize an excellent bachelor party for your friend. Usually, when people hear this term, they immediately start thinking about partying, but there is so much more to consider. In this article, we will discuss the origins of this tradition and tell you how to organize a perfect bachelor party for your friend.

The history of bachelor parties

Men will be surprised to learn that the tradition of obtaining bachelor parties dates back to ancient times. The Spartans – the initiators of the traditions in the 5th century before our reckoning – organized dinner for the groom before the wedding.

The tradition of acquiring bachelors has become established in later times. In the 1940s and 1950s, these events were called “gentlemen’s dinners”. This dinner was usually organized by the groom’s father and, as in ancient times, the dinner was greeted and had a festive atmosphere. These dinners were organized in honor of the male friendship and the important event in the life of every man – from the life of a bachelor to the life of a married man.

Perfect bachelor party

For the past few decades, dinner has been replaced by a party. And the changes not only affected the naming of the ceremony, but also the customs themselves. Nowadays, the bachelor party is not organized to greet the groom, but to give him the opportunity to spend his last night on “leave”. As a result, at the groom’s party, anything is allowed, anything you can do no longer as a married man. 

Understand that marriage does not close pubs for their friend, as he has voluntarily given up on such pastimes, long enough. In fact, the marriage will affect her differently, the family will not allow her to spend the same amount of time with her friends as before. And instead of making the bachelor party the last chance for your friend to party, direct your energy to a peaceful channel and dedicate the evening to true male friendships and common occupations or hobbies that the groom will now be able to devote much less time to.

Select the activity

 The first step in planning a bachelor party will be to choose the activity that will become the center of the party. And the fact that there won’t be a stripper at the party won’t make the gathering boring. You can just as well start with a gambling party by playing poker or blackjack or just rent out a sports car or a boat if this is something that the groom is interested in. And then you can challenge the groom to do some tasks. In the end, you can close the night by sitting down and talking while drinking. 

Whatever activity you choose, do not choose injury-hazardous things. After all, he wants to have fun, not break one of the groom’s bones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to surprise the groom, but don’t forget to consider his interests.

If you’ve chosen busy for a bachelor party, think about the food. In the warm season, eating food in the fresh air will be good. If it’s cold in the yard, it’s not worth the risk, simply order a table or a room at your groom’s favorite spot. Cheer friends up for dinner, provoke them to say greetings. An experienced friend may want to share with the groom what they know.

Select the date

There are a few moments to consider when setting your bachelor party date. The eve of the wedding looks perfect for the party, but it’s better to give up on that idea. The groom should rest himself before the ceremony. Also, usually on the eve of the wedding, everyone is very busy with the preparations. Rather, choose a day a few weeks before the wedding. If the groom’s friends live far away, it’s worth choosing an even earlier date so people don’t have to take the long trip twice in the short term.

Send out invitations 

Invite all the groom’s friends and relatives with whom you have a good relationship to the bachelor party. Distribute the invitations three weeks before the party. Invitations should reflect the style of the bachelor party. When dinner becomes formal, mail beautifully crafted invitations. If the event is held in a simpler style, it will be sufficient to make a phone call or send invitations over the Internet. If the bachelor party is going to be some of the fun listed above, you will need to supplement the invitations with the price of the event, the venue, time, etc. of the event. 


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