10 Summer Money Making Ideas for College Students

10 Summer Money Making Ideas for College Students

To most students, summer breaks mark the start of three months meant for bliss, parties, and new experiences. Other students, however, take this as an opportunity to make an extra buck and enhance their skills in various fields. Unfortunately, many employers are out for long-term commitments, whereas students are only available for three months. This barely gives employees to enjoy returns on employee training, thus making students lesser appealing prospects. However, there are many channels that students can follow and make an extra coin. Read on to discover the best summer money-making ideas for students. You may opt to monetize your skills on Rank my service for an extra buck by supporting fellow students with academic expertise in various fields.

  1. Become an online tutor

Online tutoring is an excellent way for students to make money. For this, you need a strong network connection and proper mastery of the subject you intend to teach.

By enrolling on sites like Ziyyara, my tutor, and tutor vista, college students can teach students lower grades and make an extra buck. Online tuition can help you earn between $9-$15 per hour, depending on the complexity of the subject and the level of students you are teaching.

  1. Fill out online surveys

Online surveys are among the most straightforward approaches to make money from the comfort of your home. However, not all online survey companies pay well. Some companies offer a substantial amount in exchange for your opinion on a topic suitable for your profile.

Your insight on online surveys helps brands to improve their products, thus enhancing their sales. Some of the best sites for paid online surveys are; Branded surveys, Swagbucks, inbox dollars, and Vindale research.

However, check on the availability of these services within your region as their access is limited to users within some areas.

  1. Food delivery

With the high number of customers ordering take-out, there is a considerable demand for the delivery personnel. Apps like Uber eats and Door Dash provides you an opportunity to make money from your mode of transport without needing complex skills.

Like the former, food delivery gives you the power to work as per your schedule and control the amount you make daily.

  1. Freelance writing

Freelance writing is among the best money-making ideas for students. Unlike other ventures, freelance writing requires little skills and allows you more flexibility over your schedule.

Even better, you can do freelancing from the comfort of your home provided that you have a strong internet connection. When starting as a freelancer, you may consider cold pitching your ideas to potential clients or enrolling in a content mill.

While cold pitching brings in better-paying clients, it takes longer to get a direct client than content mills. I recommend that you start on a content mill to develop your writing and gain a reputation, which you can share within your outreach to direct clients.

However, not all writing sites provide you the security for each buck earned. The few sites that offer payment protection include Upwork, Freelancer, and Uvocorp.

  1. Get a job as a waiter/ waitress or bartender

Another great approach to secure a source of income is engaging your local bar or restaurant. Unlike technical jobs, little training is required to get you started in these positions.

However, ask for a salary slightly lower than the market price as the competition for these positions is rife. Even better, these positions offer you flexibility over your schedule, thus allowing you to take up another side hustle to supplement your income.

  1. Enroll for a paid internship

Although most summer internships are unpaid, few sites provide a sizable stipend for interns. To check pain internships around you, go to internships.com.

  1. Start a blog/ podcast

With much time in hand, the summer break ranks as the ideal moment to kickstart your blog or podcast. Unlike freelancing, blogging allows you to enjoy 100% of the profits from your content.

When starting, select a niche with a huge demand and update your content regularly. After bringing in some traffic, you will get advertisements or partner with affiliates to monetize your audience.

Even better, the content you have uploaded continues to generate income and, therefore, supplement your budget after the summer break. To sustain your supply of content, consider hiring freelancers to help you create content within your niche, thus getting ample time to focus on marketing.

  1. House sitting

With many people planning for vacations, there is a massive demand for trustees to keep an eye on the property and ensure its safety. As such, you are paid a substantial amount of money to watch a pet or even oversee the house until the owner’s return.

These opportunities can be found on Trusted Housesitters and help you make a source of income and cut boarding costs during your travels.

  1. Landscaping and painting

Summer is when homeowners tend to their lawns and gardens to complement the neatness of their compounds. As such, this is an excellent option if you like physical labor and have the essentials to trim lawns.

For this, go door to door and make your presence known to people within your neighborhood.

  1. Videography

Summer brings a vast range of events and activities and thus a massive demand for video shooting. For students with access to a decent recorder, this is an excellent opportunity to consider.

Owing to the excessive charges from videographers with a name on the market, students can score more jobs from planners working under a tight budget. However, commit yourself to acquire skills to bring in a wow factor into your work and appeal to your clients.

Final thoughts

While the summer holiday is ideal for some fun and adventure, it offers a wide range of opportunities to develop a stream of income. The options in this article allow you to make decent pay, thus supporting your travel and activities.

Even better, some of these opportunities provide a regular flow of income and can be sustained after you resume your session. Thanks for reading the article and success in finding a suitable summer job!



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