4 Best Healthy Foods for your Dog in (2021)

Healthy Foods for your Dog

Foods are healthy both for the growth and development of humans and dogs as well. That’s to means: there are some foods when taken might cause harm to humans and dogs as well. On the other hand, some edible foods taken by humans might be of health benefits to dogs. 

Therefore, this article examines an overview of the four best healthy foods to give your dog this year. Without further ado, let’s dive in:


Carrots play a monumental role in humans in enhancing clear and robust eyesight. Similarly, both cooked and raw carrots tend to be safe when given to dogs. 

Carrots contain essential components such as vitamins, fibers, and mineral that is very healthy and boosts your dog’s immune system. In the same vein, the best feature about carrots is that they typically contain low calories which might be harmful to the growth of your pet. 

Nonetheless, don’t feed your pet with carrots before cutting them into smaller sizes to deter your dog from being chocked by large size carrots. 


Chicken might be safe for human consumption but not for your dog. In most cases, several dog owners find it hard to determine which kind of chicken should his dog ear. 

Therefore, chicken is the healthiest food for your dog. However, human s prefer seasoned chicken. They might be harmful to your dog. Hence, your dog is safe with boiled chicken that is free from seasoning. 

Chicken is a good source of protein for your dog. That’s to say, this type of food will help play a colossal role to protect your dog against infections.  Also, if your dog has an upset stomach, chicken is the best food to give your dog as a remedy. 


Eggs are the best food to enrich your dog with lots of proteins. However, you might be wondering, should my dog feed on raw eggs or cooked eggs? 

In most of our homesteads, the majority are used to feed their dogs with raw eggs. No, raw eggs are not good for your dog. Is not that your dog can get sick when eating raw eggs, but there is a bacteria present in raw eggs called Salmonella that can attack your dog and spread the infection to human beings in the immediate environment. 

Therefore, cooked eggs are safe and nutritious for your pet. Eggs consist of vitamins and minerals. Rumors have it that eggs can soothe your dog from nausea, though; it’s yet to be scientifically proven. 


Cucumbers are like carrots. They must be given to dogs after they have been chopped into small pieces to prevent them from choking your dog. Therefore, cucumber it’s a good choice especially for dogs that are overweight because of the several types of vitamins contained in cucumbers. 

In Conclusion 

You must be in charge of what your dog’s eats. Since not all foods are healthy for them. They might accidentally consume any food present within their surroundings and cause harm to their health. 

It is true for pet novice you can encounter some challenges when narrowing down the type of healthy food you should give your dog. If that is you, in this post, we’ve presented some of the best healthy foods such as cucumbers, eggs, carrots, and chicken that you can give your dog for health benefits. 


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