Opportunities in Interior Design & Styling

Opportunities Interior Design

Don’t worry! You aren’t the only one who gawks at Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat or Ambani’s multi-storeyed (or, too-many-storeyed) Antilia. But as magnificent as these structures are, the real beauty is hidden inside them. Wondering what it is? Well, it’s their opportunities in interior design & styling.

There’s only so much you can do on the outside of your four walls, right? But that’s what the interiors are for – where you can turn your creative visions into reality and transform ordinary spaces into eye-catching abodes. And, who does this? Well, interior designers and stylists! However, there’s more you can do with a career as interior stylist than just beautifying the insides of homes.

Take a look at these opportunities you can explore as an interior designer or stylist. 

Interior Designers 

Let’s go with the obvious one first – working as an interior designer at a design firm. If aesthetics is your thing and you can make the most out of a given space, this is the role for you! Interior designers are tasked with designing or renovating interiors, including furnishings, structural alterations, colour schemes, lighting, fixtures, etc. 

As an interior designer, you’ll be doing the same work as turning water into wine. The client will give you a canvas to work on, which will be the space they’re living in, and you’ll be responsible for turning it into something magnificent. 

Besides, working as an interior designer is incredibly flexible. You can either be part of an established firm or consult as a freelancer, both of which are pleasantly rewarding.

Set Designers

Imagine these scenarios: Ram Leela without its Gujarati mohallas, markets, and palaces; Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’s without Chandni Chowk; Devdas without Paro’s room; or Bajirao Mastani without its darbars, mahals, or villas. It just doesn’t sound right, does it? These iconic movies would be incomplete without these settings. 

But did you know these were artificial but super-realistic sets made by the set designers themselves? If you’re a Bollywood fan yourself and want to create such filmy backgrounds for various Bollywood features, then this IS your calling. 

Design Consultants

If working fully hands-on isn’t exciting to you, how about giving valuable advice? That’s the work of an in-house design consultant who listens to the clients’ wishes and then plans, designs, and coordinates accordingly. Most of the times, you’ll be suggesting interior design elements, drafting design schematics, sketches, blueprints, etc., for turning any ordinary interior space into a work of art. 

Retail Merchandisers

Have you ever walked into an H&M store and wondered why it’s so aesthetically pleasing with the lights and mirrors? Believe it or not, the ultimate motive behind the layout is to help the store reach its maximum profitability and sales. That’s what you will be working on as a retail merchandiser. 

Brands usually partner with retail merchandisers to make their shop floors as attractive as possible. These professionals focus on the location, product volume, allocation and functionally arrange all the stock while keeping the interiors in mind. And the results? A visually pleasing retail space that automatically attracts shoppers at a glance. 

Wait, There’s More!

As the definition of space keeps evolving, interior designing continues to emerge as a highly promising career choice for many. Be it a house or an office, people want the interiors to be just as spectacular as the exterior – if not more!

That’s why this sector is booming with diverse roles, from freelance designing to exhibition designing, interior elements advising, industrial designing, etc. Undoubtedly, budding designers and stylists have plenty of promising career paths to choose from. 



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