The Most Popular Wines Across the US

Popular Wines

With so many exquisite wines out there, one can wonder what makes a specific wine more popular wines than the other one. Does it have to do with the vineyard’s richness and the skills of the winemaker? Or maybe, it’s the delightful trademark combined with ingenious marketing?

Hickory Farms analyzed its consumer purchasing patterns and industry trends to identify and generate an interactive map of the most popular wines by state.

Apothic Red

This is a Red Blend wine in California conceived by the wine giant Gallo. Most wine tasters often have low expectations before tasting. However, upon swirling it around in a glass while gathering judicious points, most are astonished with the findings and end up reckoning that the wine is indeed outstanding. It’s also unpretentious and simple. Most samplers describe the Apothic Red as an enjoyable “juice” that one can winkle out of the cabinet even without a special occasion. Beneath the enigmatic ‘ancient European’ style trademark, you’ll find a harmonious red blend with a few residual sugar wine gifts.

Marqués De Riscal Rioja Reserva

This wine happens to be the first born of Rioja producers and one of the most sought after popular wines in the US. It’s specifically crafted to sell in the US market. After reading the words, ‘Rioja and Reserva’ most wine lovers instinctively know that this exquisite wine blend won’t be deficient in oak and body. The wine comes in a customary Spanish-looking bottle. A gaze at its guise triggers the much sought after notes that every wine lover falls for; dark, rich, vanilla, fruit, toastiness, and all the accompanying jazz. It’s designed by the Spanish for the Americans to adore.

Meiomi Pinot Noir

From the World’s biggest wine faction, Constellation outcomes the Meiomi brand. The trademark on the bottle is excellent for this blend. While drinking the silky Pinot Noir, wine lovers usually admit to being nearly swept off their feet. This wine brand managed to sell around $315 million in 2015 alone. This is in direct relation to the presentation of a meticulous image that most wine lovers in the US crave for. People love it!

Catena Zapata Cantena Malbec

This is a considerably large wine company capable of maturing/making more than 2.2 million cases per year. If you can close your eyes and select a wine on the top list or a wine award, there’s a huge chance that Catena Zapata Cantena Malbec is one of them.

Based on the Wine Institute, Americans consume an average of around 2.84 gallons per person each year. Dr. Liz Thach, a wine professor, indicates that the general trajectory shows that consumers are buying up and spending more on a bottle than the previous year.

Wine for The American Penchant

How do Americans love their wine? After conducting research on the consumer buying trend, Hickory Farms took note of the following keywords over and over again:

  • Fruity
  • Smooth
  • Sweet
  • Rich
  • Cherry
  • Balanced
  • Oak
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

The one that’s most appreciated is a smooth, sweet cherry-vanilla flavor. This flavor profile can be found in a section of the radical reds style of wine that’s leading in the US wine market for the time being. As described by wine experts, radical reds are intensely fruity large scale reds that add to their fruitiness by maintaining a conspicuous lingering sugar.

A hard to find wine can be celebrated. However, it cannot be trendy without finding it first. The mentioned brands are maintained by large producers and matured in significantly large quantities. Consumers can easily get hold of them from nearly every wine retailer or supermarket. Consumers who frequently enjoy these bottles eventually form a bond with the class. Eventually, this flings them to the top-sold wines in the US market.


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