What Ceramic Plates Are Perfect For Your Home?


What Ceramic Plates Are Perfect For Your Home?One thing people don’t realize when they are young and choosing their first set of nice ceramic plates after college is just how much those plates will factor into everyday life, for a very long time. It’s a good idea to find a pattern that you love, and that reflects your style. 


You won’t find a more traditionally beautiful and well-made set than Wedgwood’s “Nantucket Basket” dinnerware. This “everyday” white bone china is made with an embossed basket-style relief. This less is more style will endure for years of meals while being both elegant and basic enough for every day. 


The Galicia Dinnerware Set from Pier 1 is a very colorful dinnerware set that the designer made in various bright and vibrating colors, to be reminiscent of the look and feel of the Iberian Peninsula region of Spain and Portugal. Every color of the rainbow makes an appearance in this set, that will make every meal feel like a sunny day full of friends, tapas,  and sangria. 

Eco Friendly

These Earth-conscious ceramic plates are made by Itemerie. An eye-catching hexagon-shaped design is just one nice feature of this dinnerware. It is made by hand from fine porcelain, hand-crafted in the USA by highly skilled artisans. These dinner plates are made using a traditional weeklong process of mixing clay, then casting, carving, cleaning, and finally applying glaze before kiln-firing. 


Dansk’s “Classic Fjord Tweet” Dinnerware features a funky, modern floral design with a stylized bird. Clean, white porcelain background with vivid colors, the pattern is a nod to Swedish design. Great for every day or for an upscale dinner party. 


Le Creuset’s premium stoneware dinnerware set is as classic as it gets. The French company has made a heavy-duty set that is made for everyday wear and tear, while also being beautiful. 

Vivid and colorful glaze choices are nonporous, as well as non-reactive, resistant to chipping, scratches, and staining. In other words, these dishes are tough. 

Designed with a special glaze for easy food release that means easy cleanup, they retain heat well as well as cold, to keep your hot foods hot and your cold foods cold. Safe for the 

freezer, the oven, for microwaves, for the broiler, the dishwasher and you can use metal utensils to your heart’s desire without fear of damaging these plates. 


“Special Edition Lando Calrissian Accents Collection” dinnerware is actually some nicely designed white and gold porcelain dishes that would just look like any other well-designed china if you weren’t in the know about the fact that the set is a homage to Star Wars. You can find this unusual dinnerware at GameStop. This china is lead-free, FDA compliant, but is not dishwasher or microwave safe; hand-wash only.


Christian Lacroix’s Caribe pattern dinnerware features a vivid palette on the finest bone china. Images of mayflies, dragonflies, and ferns wind their way around this infinitely cool china. 


Rosenthal exhibits the finest sort of German minimalism combined with excellent craftsmanship. The TAC 02 dinnerware set is an especially beautiful minimalist dinnerware set, with beautiful, sweeping lines. The teacup and teapot alone are works of art. Their classic, purist designs that are based upon simple geometric shapes are pleasing to look at and use for many, many years. 

No matter what floats your boat, there is a great dinnerware set out there to reflect your personality and what makes you happy. There are so many beautiful ceramic dinnerware sets to choose from, that you should be able to find one for every day, and maybe also one for special occasions!


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