Exfoliating Facial Wash : How Often Should I Use One?

Exfoliating Facial Wash

If the fact that you should include an exfoliating facial wash in your skincare routine is news to you, then you’re certainly in a minority. The benefits involve the removal of all those dead skin cells and much more besides, so not doing it really shouldn’t be on the table if you want to enjoy blemish-free skin. 

Now, whilst this is very well known, not so many people out there know how often they should exfoliate. However, before we get into that and clarify the matter, let’s just have a quick recap of the wisdom behind exfoliating on a regular basis. 

The Benefits of an Exfoliating Facial Wash

Ok, so let’s begin with the basics. Exfoliating is a wise move for anyone with any kind of skin issue, although if it’s to do with sensitivity, you do have to be careful not irritate things further. 

You’ll benefit from using one if:

  • You suffer from clogged pores and breakouts
  • If your skin often looks dull
  • You have excess oil on your skin
  • You like the idea of younger looking skin

If you’re someone who has a problem controlling breakouts, then exfoliating really needs to be the main focus of your routine. There are a number of different varieties of exfoliating facial wash out there, but the principle is basically the same in that they all aim to do the same job. It’s something that helps to fight the signs of ageing too, so if you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles, that’s another reason why you should use one.

When you’re exfoliating on a frequent basis, you’re essentially teaching your skin to behave more youthfully. Elements like Green Tea Leaf serve to reduce redness and irritation whilst antioxidants help to rebalance your skin’s pH levels.

“So, How Often Should I Use It?”

Ok, ok, so we know that’s why you started reading this article and the answer to what is the key question here is around 2-3 times every week. There are some people out there that will tell you that you should be using your exfoliating facial wash once per week, but if you put that same question to your average dermatologist, they’ll likely tell you that this simply isn’t enough.

A typical person loses around 50 million skin cells each and every day and when they’re left in place, your skin looks dry and dull. Only by removing this layer 2-3 times per week can you expect to have glowing, smooth and unblemished skin. 

Look After Your Skin & It Will Look After You

So, in a nutshell, that’s about the long and short on the subject. Of course, you’ve got other factors like skin sensitivity to think about. If you have got soreness or any kind of irritation, it can feel a bit like it’s something you really don’t want to do. However counter-intuitive it might feel, keeping your skin in good condition requires that you keep exfoliating. 

What you need to do is a) go for a product that’s nice and gentle to your skin and ensure that you don’t overdo it with the scrubbing. If you don’t keep this up, you’re just going to end up with dead skin clogging your pores and that’s a route to disaster.

We hope that although this is a brief blog, it gave you the info you needed.



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