A Tundra Bed Rack Makes Your Truck Safer – Here’s Why

A Tundra Bed Rack Makes Your Truck Safer

Before I bought my Toyota Tundra bed rack truck, I had no idea that my vehicle was lacking anything. After all, it’s a quality vehicle, right? Well, it’s not something I really thought about until one day when a friend of mine bought a Tundra too and rolled up on my drive with it.

He had had the forethought and wisdom to have a bed rack attached to his and I have to admit that it did look pretty cool. However, I still wasn’t swayed until he started telling me what the salesman had told him about the benefits of having one installed. I found out some things I’d never even considered with regards to safety and function that had me sold too. I ended up getting one for myself the very next day and I haven’t looked back.

Protecting Me In the Event of a Roll

I knew that a bed rack would give me more storage space and function for my Tundra, but I thought that that was the extent of what it offered. I couldn’t have been more wrong, as having a Tundra bed rack installed actually gives me more protection if I ever rolled my truck. I’ve never done it, but I’ve come close a couple of times and I know that truck cabs can sometimes crumple when they flip. 

It’s still going to hurt like heck to roll over, but knowing that I would be protected from serious injury if I did is worth the money I paid for it on its own. 

Rear Window Safety

Another aspect to a Tundra bed rack is rear window safety, as it’s a real point of vulnerability, especially when I’ve got stuff in the back. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been out driving with my tools rolling around in the back. What I hadn’t thought about was the fact that if I had an accident, all this stuff would come flying through the back window and into me. 

My professionally installed bed rack allows me to firmly fix everything I need securely so that doesn’t happen. And that’s before we even start talking about the damage loose tools do to your truck bed. 

Get a Tundra Bed Rack & See For Yourself

I’m about as far from being an expert on trucks as you could be, but I know good design when I see it. For what was a minimal investment, I changed my truck to being easy to use, safer to drive and able to transport more when I need to. Achieving these things ordinarily would usually involve changing trucks and who needs the hassle of doing that?

I’m really happy that I took a chance and invested in one for my Tundra and I’m sure that if you do the same, you’ll feel like I did and love it instantly. Get it installed by a pro too, especially if you’re not too mechanical, as you’ll save yourself a lot of stress. 



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