What Questions Should You Ask Your Clinical Radiologist Before the Treatment?

Questions Clinical Radiologist Treatment

Clinical radiologists are a group of medical doctors who are skilled at performing radiology tests. These tests are vital to learning about the inside of your body, especially for cancer patients. Therefore, your doctor will refer you to a clinical radiologist to get the tests done at some point. In this article, learn about the questions you should ask before clinical radiologist treatment before receiving the treatment. Click here for more information on radiology.

What’s the Type of Radiology Test?

The first thing you should ask is the type of radiology test you will undergo. You can get the information from your doctor. There are different types of radiology tests like:

  • X-rays
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • CT Scan
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Nuclear Scans
  • Interventional radiology

X-ray scans are perhaps the most common ones. Also known as plain radiology, it is used to get images of bones and to detect cancer. Images produced by X-ray scans are 2D images.

MRI scan produces 3D images. This scan is used to detect the spine, brain, muscles, and abdomen. 

If your doctor advised a CT scan, then you’ll receive 360-degree images of your internal organs and soft tissues.

You should request more information on the type of radiology test and check how it’s relevant to your case. Please note that the type of test will determine the cost.

How Should You Be Prepared?

You should ask the radiologist if there are any preparations you should make ahead of the tests. The preparation is type-specific. For some tests, there are no preparations necessary. All the preparation will be done at the radiology clinic. 

For example, for X-ray and MRI scans, there are no prerequisites necessary from your end. Depending on the body’s part to be scanned, you’ll be asked to come at a certain time.

But for procedures like CT scan, you’d be asked to fast for at least four hours before your test. You shouldn’t consume any food or liquid during that time. 

If the radiologist is scanning your abdomen or pelvis, then the food may hinder the image quality.

So, consult with both your doctor and radiologist regarding these measures.

How Long Are You Expected To Be at the Clinic?

Finally, you should know how long your tests are going to be. This is more from a time scheduling point of view. You must be having other work for the day. So you should be aware of how long you need to stay at the clinic.

The time it takes for a radiology scan depends on the type of scan. X-ray scans take about 5-10 minutes to produce the image. In contrast, CT scans take about 15-30 minutes. Entire PET scans take about two hours. Out of the two hours, it takes an hour for the radiotracer to be absorbed in your body. After it is absorbed, the PET scan is done within 45 minutes.

So, be prepared and take off adequate time from your daily schedule.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Clinical Radiologist Before the Treatment? Your doctor should communicate all of this information with you when he sends you for a radiology scan. But it’s always advised to get everything cleared before the procedure.


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