Creating the perfect kids room

perfect kids room

When revamping your kid’s room there is so much to think about. From lighting and storage to accessories and furniture, it can be stressful deciding what to choose! When it comes to browsing items for little tots, safety comes first, especially when finding the perfect toddlers beds. Thankfully, Room to Grow has you covered with their range of kids beds and accessories to decorate. 

The Big Bed

For our little princesses, a decorative kids bed is the perfect way to add some style to their room. The Paris Metal Daybed, available in white or black, is elegant, practical and will last throughout the younger years and well into their teens. Daybeds are truly versatile and can be used as a sofa during the day, ideal for hanging with friends or curling up with their favourite books before tucking in for a good night’s sleep. 

The Little Bed

Making the move into a big bed can make children feel nervous or uneasy. Room to Grow make the transition that little bit easier with their adorable selection of toddlers beds! The Sherbet Single Bed is available in a range of soft, pastel colours, paired with subtle curves at the head and base of the bed, this is a perfect bed for little tots to make their transition. To put your worries at ease, safety rails can be added to prevent any nasty falls too. 

The Bunk Bed

For those with two or more children, a bunk bed is a great choice, especially for little ones sharing bedrooms. This not only maximises floorspace but can be much more fun than two kids beds. The Acacia Bibop Bunk Bed is a contemporary choice available in a timeless Acacia effect finish. With integrated shelving by each bunk and even hidden storage behind the staircase to the top bunk, your little ones will always have their favourite toys or book close to hand, perfect for bedtime stories! If all that wasn’t exciting enough, this bed is also available with an optional trundle bed, this is the perfect solution for sleepovers, and your little ones will be the talk of the playground! Choosing the right bed for your children is crucial to their well-being and comfort. Always prioritize safety when selecting furniture for your children’s room. To choose the perfect one for your little ones you can find more bunk beds designs.

The Fun Bed

We well and truly wish this bed came in adult sizes! This impressive Tree House bed is a truly spectacular piece, evoking creativity and play – as well as envy! Elevated slightly off the floor with a ladder, this kids bed has space below to store all those favourite toys. The windows and open roof create a cosy sanctuary for your little ones and encourages their imaginations and creativity to grow. 

The Essentials 

We all know how cluttered our little ones rooms can get, with toys and games strewn aside. To keep their haven tidy, and instil a sense of responsibility, there is nothing better than a stylish storage box! In a timeless grey pine finish, the NYC Grey Storage Box is a piece that will tie into any themed room and stand the test of time, perfect for them to keep for years to come. 

When creating the perfect kids room, it can be difficult to decide which kids beds to choose, and what accessories to complement it. Room to Grow make that decision a bit easier with its Bed Finder tool that allows you to narrow down your choices depending on what your little one needs. With kids beds for our older ones and toddler beds for our little tots, Room to Grow has the perfect collection to choose from, never compromising on quality.  


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