What to Look for in a Futterautomat Katze?

What Look Futterautomat Katze

Is your feline companion overeating? Pet parents are supposed to have control of the meal habits of their companions in order to prevent them from becoming obese. Nevertheless, not all owners provide their cats with meals at regular intervals because of their busy work schedules.Few tips for What Look Futterautomat Katze.

If your daily schedule prevents you from feeding your feline regularly, why not invest in a cat feeder? These machines dispense food to felines are specific intervals, programed by pet parents. They come with useful features, such as portion control, meal security, Wi-Fi, etc.

When shopping for a Futterautomat Katze, these are the main aspects to take into account.

Gravity vs. automatic

The initial aspect to consider when shopping for a cat feeder is choosing between gravity and automatic unit. The former relies on gravity, not batteries, to replenish the food in the hopper. In contrast, the latter enables feline owners to have complete control over the number of feedings and the food amount.

Even though both types of units are worth the investment, the ultimate decision would depend on the eating habits of your pet. If your cat is prone to overeating, a gravity model will only encourage it to keep eating even when not hungry. Consequently, felines having no control over their appetite would be better suited with an automatic model, which works under the command of their owners.

Storage capacity

Hopper capacity is the following aspect to have in mind when looking for the right cat feeder. The hopper refers to the container where food is stored, available in an array of different sizes. In order to select a unit with a suitable capacity, feline owners should consider the amount of food their pets consume daily. There is no logic in purchasing a cat feeder whose hopper isn’t large enough to store food for the entire day.

Storage capacity

Pet owners fond of programming meals a couple of days in advance should look for a model with a large hopper. The bigger the container, the more meals the unit can dispense in the course of several days. If scheduling meals isn’t an important goal, make sure to purchase a model with a small container sufficiently large to dispense the necessary number of meals per day.

Types of food

Another vital consideration when buying a cat feeder is the type of ingredients it delivers. The majority of models in the market are designed to dish out dry food, as most feline owners prefer to feed their companions with kibble. If looking for a feeder that dispenses kibble, you will come across a vast range of models.

Wet food, however, doesn’t seem to be popular among cat feeder manufacturers. Therefore, the number of models dispensing semi-moist and moist ingredients is rather limited. This decision is of crucial importance, as once you opt for a particular type, there is no going back. For instance, kibble units cannot be used for dispensing wet food and vice versa.

Feline owners not fond of feeding their pets with kibble should look for models with ice packs. The role of ice packs is to keep the meals fresh for as long as twenty-four hours. Make sure not to leave the ingredients longer than a day in the container.

Meal security

Owners of more than one feline should look for a cat feeder with a meal security feature in order to prevent their pets from stealing each other’s food. Cat feeder designers have come up with the perfect solution for individuals looking after a few felines, known as RFID technology.

Moreover, RFID dispensers provide pet parents with multiple collar tags to attach them to their companions. The unit is programmed to read the collar tags every time a feline approaches the dispenser. The lid won’t open to the pet if the meal inside the container isn’t meant for him/her to eat.

Portion control

An essential feature to take into account when choosing a cat feeder is automatic portion control. This feature allows pet parents to determine the food amount dished out at every meal up to a single teaspoon. The greatest number of automatic units come with as many as thirty-nine settings, hence providing an excellent calibration control.

The job of pet parents is only to program the amount and the number of dishes by adjusting the settings of the unit. Afterward, the machine will take responsibility for feeding your companion. The risk of overeating and overfeeding will be substantially reduced. Since many felines struggle with obesity, such an eating machine is a good investment in their health. Keep in mind that obesity often leads to diabetes and a number of chronic diseases.

The bottom line

A cat feeder will prevent your beloved pet from overeating.

It’s even suitable for owners of multiple felines!


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