5 Reasons Why Biltong Is Better Than Jerky

5 Reasons Why Biltong Is Better Than Jerky

Biltong and beef jerky are two meat snacks that have made quite an impact all over the world. These snacks that were once only native to their home countries have now found themselves worldwide. There are a few similarities, but unfortunately, one has to come out on top in the meat treats battle. Biltong has long proven to be a firm favourite, but why exactly would that be when they are both so similar? Let’s look at five reasons why biltong is better than beef jerky:

  1. Less sauce and sugars 

Less sauce and marinade is used when making biltong which makes it much healthier than beef jerky. There is less salt being used and no sugar. The marinade sauces can also make it harder to dry, so it takes much longer before it can be enjoyed. Jerky also contains more salt because more salt is applied during the dehydration process to keep the meat fresh. Biltong, however, gets cured, so it doesn’t require any more salt than is necessary. There are also no preservatives from the sauces. This is an excellent thing for health-conscious folks because they can enjoy their snack without worrying about too many artificial flavours mixed into the products. 

  1. Softer meat

Biltong is cured, and beef jerky is dried, so their textures are very different. Biltong is cured and dried simultaneously, while beef jerky is just hung out to dry, making it challenging and completely dehydrated. Dehydration machines are used in some instances, and because they are similar to ovens, they tend to dehydrate the meat entirely.  Beef jerky is constantly seasoned during the drying process, getting sticky and hard to break apart. Biltong has a more tender and moist texture once it is ready to be eaten. Beef jerky also has s more crumbly texture to the meat when it is the cure; 

  1. Easy meals

Biltong is excellent for cooking because it is tender and still filled with flavour. Both meat snacks are made primarily from beef, but the curing and drying is the trick to making it worth the try. Beef jerky is just dried and cannot be used for the meal. It is already too hard and, when cooked, can become even tougher to chew in most cases. The flavours can also be overpowering if you attempt to use them in meals where Biltong does not have marinade and easily complements a meal. Biltong doesn’t always have to be cooked to be added to meals because you can choose a softer type of biltong. Biltong is excellent for simple meals like salads or chopped up in omelettes or toasted sandwiches. 

  1. Less dental damage

Americans love beef jerky, but the damage it can cause to the teeth doesn’t make it the most excellent snacks. Beef jerky is much harder to chew because it is much drier than biltong and is not as pleasant to enjoy. It’s tougher to bite a bite of jerky, and there is a lot of chewing needed because all the moisture is dried out of beef jerky, where biltong is very pliable and easy to manipulate even after being cured and dried. Biltong also comes in more variety of portion sizes, so you can choose the type of biltong you would like to snack on. You can choose between Snapsticks, which are very thin pieces of biltong, slices that are softer and more tender or dry sausage biltong (droewors)

  1. Biltong is easier to come by

The whole world has woken up to how delicious biltong is, and because it is easily manufactured and shipped off to so many different countries. It is now one of the more popular snacks worldwide and is perfectly fine for anyone to enjoy. It can be enjoyed as a post-workout snack or just to fill up the children’s lunch boxes. Moms use it for teething babies. It can give you up to half of your recommended daily protein allowance. It is healthy and great for long travels because it stores so well and has a perfect shelf life. On the other hand, Beef jerky cannot be used for either of those things, and shelf life will likely not last as long because of all the marinade. It is simply meant to be enjoyed as is, fuss-free and at home. 

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try and make biltong by yourself at home. All you need is find a recipe that works for you and purchase a cure box that you can easily find online. The biltong boxes come in various sizes, and you can select the level of bravery you want to step into by choosing a small counter box or one that you can store in a separate room. It’s a fun activity, and you could have biltong in four days. Now that you know why biltong is better than beef jerky UK, you should try it. Everyone else already has.


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