Spider Veins on Face – Reasons and Treatment

Spider Veins on Face

Spider veins generally occur on the face or legs, and they are injured yet tiny veins, so there is no physical harm to your body. Due to looks, people get them removed from their bodies. As the name suggests, they look like spider webs but in red, purple, or blue colors.

In this article, you will know about all the top reasons that cause spider veins, along with their useful treatments. So, let’s begin! 


Veins are a way to transfer the blood to the heart and lungs, and they have a faucet in between, which shuts its way as it’s a one-way road only. 

So, these veins come out when the faucet doesn’t work. The actual reasons are 

  • Old age: Older people get these veins as their veins get feeble with time.
  • Hormonal problem: In women, at the time of menopause or birth.
  • After pregnancy: When a woman gives birth, she transfers her blood to the baby, which pops out these veins on their stomach. 
  • Genes: A history of birth parents can also cause this problem. Around 90% of people suffering from spider veins have some member in their family suffering from it.
  • Too much alcohol: Alcohol is dangerous for our lungs, and it ruins them, which can cause your blood flow.
  • Skin allergies: Any kind of internal allergy which affects your blood flow.
  • No workout: Excessive laziness can also lead you to this.
  • Too much sunlight: Some UV rays are harmful to your body and can be one reason. 

Treatment of spider veins


Although these veins don’t harm you in any way or cause any pain, the spider veins look bad on people’s appearance. So, people prefer removing them either with non-invasive or surgical techniques. But do mind, whatever method you opt for, you should consider a highly recommended spider veins doctor in NY for the best results. All the treatments that are present till now are explained below:

  • Sclerotherapy

It is a substance for veins to destroy them till their end slowly. It helps in reducing the expanded veins and contracts them to their normal version. The fluid that they inject is just irritating for the veins and causes no harm or pain to your body in any dosage. It can take weeks to remove, according to how much your veins are injured.

  • Optical masers

To remove almost every particle or cell of these spider veins, doctors prefer laser treatment since it helps them with a clear vision of these cells and eliminates them permanently. As it works deeply on the skin of your body, it is a bit painful, but no side effects have been outlined. 

  • Skin creams

Creams that have retinol and vitamins can cure this effect on the skin by protecting it from the outer causes. Refer a doctor to use the right amount of these substances on your skin as per your problems. 

  • Intense pulse light

It is a treatment that goes deeper than the laser treatment without affecting the upper layer of the skin and eliminates them effectively. 

  • Electrocautery and radiofrequency

It is a method where a needle pinches out the bulged blood vessels, so that blood flow is continued.

  • Masks for affected areas

As people get these spider veins treated for external purposes, there are masks to treat these veins filled with liquids or fluids. It reduces swelling and fades the appearance of these veins. This is mainly to treat the facial veins, and many good brands provide such products. 

Even there is a home remedy too: According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, the tropical form of horse chestnut is safe to treat spider veins on the face. You can search online for the preparation that is made by the use of the bark only. Apply them directly on the face for treating the spider veins.

Some Final Words

With this, you must be aware of all the essential reasons that form spider veins on the face and the effective treatments to get your clear face back!

So, consult a doctor to get the best treatment for your spider veins in no time.



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