Do Dogs Have Periods – How to Take of Your Female Dogs?

do dogs have periods

Are you planning to adopt a female dog anytime soon? Well, apart from their adorable habits and lovable nature, they have a period too! Are you wondering do dogs have periods?

Well, just humans, dogs also get their menstrual cycle once they reach a certain age. So, apart from giving them their vaccines and other medications, you have to take care of their menstrual cycle. And to do that, we are here to help! Here we will talk about their periods and everything you need to know to take care of them!tear stain treatment kit

When do dogs have periods?

Female dogs, in general, reach their maturity when they are six months old. Hence, they have their first estrus cycle or “heat.”

During this time, there is an increase in the estrogen levels, and then there is a sudden decrease. After that, the ovaries will release eggs.

How long do dogs periods last?

Female dog’s estrus cycle generally lasts for 20 days. However, it can last between 14 days to 30 days.

Although, around 180 days is the average age for a female dog’s first estrus cycle. But it varies from one dog breed to another.

Some small dogs might reach their first heat in the first four months. Whereas big dogs can reach their hear when they are two years old.

Also, it is best to wait till the dog’s 3rd or 4th cycle to breed her. But a vet can do genetic testing, which will tell you when they are ready.

How often do dogs have periods?

Small dogs generally go into the cycle 3 to 4 times a year. In comparison, large dogs such as St. Bernard and Neapolitan Mastiff go into the cycle once a year.

They will have the cycle all along with their life. However, the length of the time will increase as the dog gets old.

do dogs have periods

Do dogs get period cramps?

There are a lot of different signs a dog shows when she is on her period. Once you are around her, you will understand the situation.

However, the main sign is crying tremendously. It will be a tense and scary site for the dog owners to see. But as you read our blog, we will help your dog get some relief from the pain.

The dog’s crying might make you wonder, “do dogs have periods and cry only?” or “is it normal to cry?”

Since each dog is different from one another and reacts differently, not all of them will cry during the heat.

However, the dog’s heat cycle bears signs similar to a girl’s menstrual cycle. Hence, it is possible for the dog to feel cramps, discomfort, and pain at the time of the heat cycle.

Do spayed dogs have periods?

If you are wondering do dogs have periods after being spayed; then the answer is no.

The benefits of spaying are preventing any health conditions and overpopulation of the dogs. Thus, once they are spayed, they won’t have any estrus cycle hence no more swelling or bleeding.

How to tell when do dogs have periods?

When the dog is in the cycle, both behavioral and physical signs change. Some of the signs are they urinate more, engorgement of the vulva, and blood discharges.

Also, the dog will be unfocused, jumpy, and sometimes receptive to the male dogs. Moreover, the female dogs might try to court any male dogs during her cycle.

The estrus cycle lasts for 21 days. It starts with dark-red blood; then, in the end, it turns pinkish.

How to handle discharges?

Another thing to know when looking for do dogs that have periods is about their discharge process.

Discharges vary a lot, and the blood is not pure. Some leave spots on the bed or floor, whereas other discharges are not even noticeable.

The cycle mostly begins with the heavy reddish release. However, in the end, it fades to pink, yellow or becomes transparent like water.

The clean-up process is exhausting, but there are some diapers available. However, if you use them, then change it often and make sure the skin is dry and hygienic.

Heavy bleeding and it lasting more than three weeks are not normal. Hence, if that happens to the dog, visit the veterinarian immediately.

Since dogs urinate more during the heat cycle, they choose a spot where they urinate. It can be in the house or an outdoor area.

But urinating outdoors is a way they do to attack any male counterparts to alert them for mating status.

As all the signs are either uncomfortable or painful, a lot of dogs become grumpy or restless. It is recommended to show the dog more love and care during the heat cycle.

Furthermore, make sure to give her a frequent bath and keep an eye on her belly. Also, keep her safe from male dogs who become aggressive.

do dogs have periods

How to handle the Dog’s Heat Cycle

Since you know more about ‘do dogs have periods’ and ‘do dogs get period cramps.’ Let’s talk about some products which will help you to manage the dog. Check out the following:

Reusable Diapers

These diapers are best as they are both economical and environmentally friendly. They have multiple absorbent layers as well as washable.

Furthermore, they are available for large, medium, and small breeds. Also, you can see it come in different colors, patterns, and designs.

You can wash them both with your hands or in a washing machine.

Disposable Diapers

If you do not have time to wash diapers, then disposable ones are for you. Also, comes in different sizes for all large, medium, and small breeds. Disposable diapers are absorbent, secure, leakproof, and comfortable for dogs.

Full Body Diapers

If the dog cannot handle diapers, then full-body diapers are ideal for them. It was designed by a veterinarian and used by pet trainers. But now, dog owners also use them.

Moreover, vary from small to extra large sizes and design in a way that is secure for the dog. They also come in a variety of colors, such as red, yellow, purple, and more.

In addition, they are also anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, which will keep the dog safe.

Do Dogs Have Periods After Pregnancy?

The dog should not be in the cycle for 2 – 3 months after her pregnancy. But each individual might have an irregular heat cycle.

The question is, when will the dog get the next cycle after pregnancy? The answer depends on the breed of dog you have.

Canine Period Cycle

As we know, most start their period cycle in the first six months. Then they have their heat cycle every six months.

Furthermore, their heat cycle has four parts: estrus, anestrus,

diestrus, and proestrus. Check out the following in details below:


The nine days the dog starts bleeding is known as proestrus. But at this time, she will not allow male dogs to come close for mating.


During estrus, additional nine days, where she is fertile and will allow males for mating.


This span lasts for two-three months. At this time, either she can be pregnant or not.


During this stage, the dog’s ovary is inactive, and she will not be interested in males. In addition, these can last from 1 – 6 months.

However, for most female dogs, it lasts for 3 – 4 months.

Shortly after this time, the female dog will go back to her heat cycle.

How long is the pregnancy in dogs?

More or less, a dog remains pregnant for 63 days or nine weeks.

When can the dog be pregnant during her estrus cycle?

The dog will ovulate when the vaginal discharge is transparent, and this is the most fertile phase. Also, the time when she will be receptive to breed the most.

The sperm can survive seven days and can fertilize the eggs. Thus, at any point, she might be pregnant when she is in her estrus cycle.

do dogs have periods

What to do if the female god mismates with another dog?

Talk to the veterinarian immediately. There are a lot of injections the vet can use. However, you need to take her within 1 or 2 days after the mating.

Although, there are risks related to the injections. But your veterinarian will help you out and tell you the risks related to it.

How to prevent the dog from pregnancy?

The best thing you can do to prevent the dog from being pregnant is spaying or trying out an ovariohysterectomy surgery. But this should be done before the first heat cycle.

However, since we do not know when her first heat cycle will happen, it is best to do the surgery before six months.

Human foods that dogs should avoid

Dogs need more care and treatment when they are on their period. Here are some foods you must avoid:


These fruits have a toxin named persin. Although they are safe for humans, it is very dangerous to the dogs. Persin is found in the bark, pits, fruits, and leaves of avocados, so do not give any portion of the fruit to the dog. Once dogs eat avocados, fluids get trapped in the chest and lungs. Thus, makes it hard for them to breathe, leads to oxygen deprivation, and can even cause death. Furthermore, the fluids can even accumulate in the abdomen, pancreas, and heart. This might lead to a fatal condition. The dog might swallow avocado pits which might cause blockage or choking.


It is a sweet alcohol substance mostly found in chewing gums, baking products, toothpaste, and sweet candies. Even though safe for us to consume, it is deadly for dogs. Consuming xylitol foods might significantly drop the blood sugar levels in the dog. Initial signs are shown within 20 minutes of the consumption. Some of the signs are weakness, seizures, coma, cannot move, depression, and vomiting. Moreover, if not treated immediately, can occur liver failure and even death.

Caffeine and Tea

Caffeine is mostly found in tea, cocoa, guarana, and coffee. At times it is added to medications and drinks. Caffeine will speed up the heart rate as well as rouse the nervous system of the dog. Within few hours of the consumption of caffeine, the dog will be restless. Plus, they will have no bladder control, diarrhea, extremely thirsty, and vomiting. Moreover, if they consume a lot of caffeine, then they might have lung failure or abnormal heart palpitation. This will lead to their death.


It is found in many products such as alcoholic drinks, paint, mouthwash, cleaning products, varnish, and perfumes. While humans can sometimes consume alcohol, but dogs cannot handle it, not even in small portions. In an hour of intake, you will see signs such as depression, diarrhea, smelly breath, low temperature, tiredness, vomiting, and lack of coordination. Hence, it will result in coma, seizure, lung failures, and in certain cases, death.

Yeast Dough

A dog should not eat the raw dough that has yeast. Once in the body, the cell ferment of yeast produces alcohol. Hence, the alcohol levels rise, which ultimately causes food poisoning and even death.

Furthermore, the dough makes the stomach bigger and causes extreme bloating. Thus, the other organs have more pressure making it the dog difficult to breathe.


Grapes, as well as raisins, are tremendously poisonous to dogs. This causes kidney failure, and if not treated immediately, then will cause death. However, which component in grape is toxic is still unknown. But even 1 – 2 grapes will make the dog sick. The toxic level varies for different dog breeds. But some reports state that dogs might die even after eating few raisins. Therefore, consumption of any amount means you need to go to the vet. Raw grapes or raisins and foods such as cakes and cookies containing them are harmful too. Some of the signs are depression, diarrhea, vomiting, and weakness. If not treated immediately, other signs are urinated less, extremely thirsty, and kidney failure.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know a lot about dogs and their heat cycle. It will be much easier for you to know whether you want to adopt a dog or not. Taking care of a dog might seem difficult, but once you get its hang, it is easy. If you have a dog or plan to adopt one, let us know in the comment section below.


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