Healthy, helpful tips for living on your own for the first time

Healthy helpful tips for living

Whether you’re heading to college or university or you’ve just got the keys to your very first home as an adult, there’s nothing more exciting than the prospect of living on your own. No more sneaking past your parent’s room at 4 am, no more wondering who’s eaten all your post-dinner snacks and no more waiting for the bathroom in the morning. Living by yourself certainly comes with plenty of perks, but if this is the first time you’ve lived as an independent adult, you might find your emotions mixed over the transition period.One minute you’re flying high, the next you’re craving the company of your family and friends, all of these emotions are normal, and getting into a good routine will help you settle into your new life much quicker. To give you some guidance, we’ve gathered some healthy, helpful tips for those living on their own for the first time. Read on to find out more.

Remember to clean

Ok, so cleaning is a bit of a chore. But now that you’re living on your own, it’s down to you to pick up after yourself and keep your new home as tidy and as pleasant as possible. Sure, you don’t have to take the trash out if you don’t want to, but the smell in the kitchen will soon put a downer on the rest of your new home. Getting into good cleaning habits and keeping on top of your chores will keep your new home comfortable and pleasant. That means changing your bedsheets, vacuuming the floor, and not forgetting to clean smelly foods out of the microwave. Getting into good habits now means you won’t have such a mammoth task later.

Touch base with loved ones

Living on your own after living with family or friends for a long time can be a difficult adjustment. But you don’t have to sit in silence at home and wait for the phone to ring. Touch base with your loved ones as often as you feel you need to, don’t worry about being a nuisance – they’re probably eager to hear from you! Keeping in touch via video call, chat, IM or even a good old phone call will make you feel loved and content.

Work on your life skills

You may not know which life skills you need to work on, but when you start living alone – you’ll soon understand which! Learning how to cook a meal for one and enjoy it, learning how to rewire a plug, keeping your clothes clean and put away and managing your money and your bills are all ways you can cultivate self-reliance and enjoy your time living alone. The more independent and self-reliant you feel, the easier this transition will be and the more content you’ll be.

And finally, make sure you feel safe

For some individuals (women in particular) living alone can raise concerns about safety and peace of mind. Thankfully, by changing the locks on your property, regularly checking in with family, keeping a chain on your door, getting to know your neighbors, installing a doorbell camera, and ensuring your windows and doors are secure, you can give yourself peace of mind. 



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