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Moons Funeral Home

Facing the death of a close one can be the most challenging situation a person faces. It is true none of us want to think about such a situation, but it is an unavoidable fact that everyone has to face at some point in time. Whether it is to do an advance booking, planning for a loved family, or anyone else, choosing a potent and reputed funeral home is crucial. And to that, we have got for you one of the best funeral homes that can cater to all your requirements and fulfill your demands. Yes, we are talking about Moon’s Funeral Home in Michigan.

The concerned home is one of the best funeral homes that are compassionate and perform their tasks marvelously. So, let us see everything you possibly need to know about this funeral home!

History of Moon’s Funeral home

Moon’s funeral home came into existence in 1987 when Lawrence E. Moon and his wife Valaria Conerly-Moon thought of building a funeral home. And they built their first funeral home in Michigan’s Flint. Their sheer goal was to provide the entire community and any surrounding counties the best service of a funeral home. Each day they put in their best to pursue excellence on a daily basis.

The couple’s goal was to serve their customers everything they required and serve them the best service during their difficult times. They believe Moon’s Funeral Home is the ‘Home of Caring.’ So, they maintain all the factors that can provide excellent service. All the staff present at Moon’s Funeral home are courteous and extremely compassionate towards their customers.

However, in 1997 the couple took over Browne’s Mortuary in Michigan’s Saginaw. And during 2006, they also started serving Pontiac’s people. All three locations have more than 60 people who are living in the communities. They are active in several civic and social organizations and even in church areas.

Goals of Moon’s Funeral Home

The sole goal of Moon’s Funeral Home is to look after their customers. They believe in the well-being of their customer. You will see them having a remarkable approach towards their customers. So, let us check out what a customer means to the Moon’s Funeral Home:

  • The owners encourage the staff to believe that the only important person present in the office through an email or in-person is the customer.
  • They say that customers are not the ones depending on us. We are the people who are depending on the customers.
  • The customer is not the reason for any work interruption. Rather he/she is the reason for their work. Also, they believe that Moon’s funeral home is not doing them a favor. Instead, the customers are giving them work, which is a favorable condition.
  • Moon’s Funeral Home thinks that customers are a part of the business and not an outsider.
  • To this funeral home, customers are the ones that only bear their wants and wishes; they believe it is their duty to serve them with the utmost facilities and care.

Facilities and services Moon’s Funeral Home provides

The Moon’s Funeral Home has been in service since 1987 and catering to every customer’s requirement. You will find their service to be of the highest quality and extremely professional. Every detail they perform for each service is with utmost care and dedication.

They have a goal to provide their customers and their families the environment and atmosphere to comfort themselves during bereavement times. If you ever visit this funeral home, then you will see how the surroundings are well-maintained, the staff are caring, and also provides one the utmost comfort. During your time grief, you would simply have to tell them your requirements, and they will skillfully look after of the rest. Also, they provide their top-class service at an affordable cost. Let us now check out what are the services they can offer:

  • Visitation rooms – 5
  • Chapel on-site seats that can accommodate more than 400
  • Modern fleet and large funeral cars
  • Selection of grave markers, urns, vaults, and caskets.
  • A group of directors that can be at your service all the time
  • A complete pre-scheduled funeral plan that includes the funeral insurance
  • Transfers out-of-state
  • Vital statistics, newspaper/obituary notices
  • Insurance assignments

Locations of Moon’s Funeral Home

Now that you know how wonderfully Moon’s Funeral Home works and the vast number of services it provides, you must be eager to know where it is located. So, let us check out where is Moon’s Funeral Home located:

  1. The first Moon’s Funeral Home was built in Flint, Michigan.

The name of the is Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home

906 W. Flint Park Blvd.

Flint, MI 48505 – Address

2. In 1997, this branch of Moon’s Funeral Home was open.

Name: Evans & Browne’s Funeral Home

441 Jefferson Avenue, Saginaw, MI 48607 – Address

3. In 2006, this Moon’s Funeral Home was open.

Name: Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home, INC, Pontiac

268 N. Perry Street, Pontiac, MI 48342-2346 – Address

Factors determining Moon’s Funeral Home is a potent one

Now that you know everything about Moon’s Funeral Home, let us check out why it is considered one of the best funeral homes:

Has a good reputation

It is spontaneous and natural to avoid anything that has a bad reputation. It can be a movie theatre, a clothing brand, a restaurant, a car, or even a funeral home. So, it becomes extremely important to have a good reputation. And Lawrence E. Moon Funeral home meets up to this. Everyone who has gone through the darkest phases of their life has admitted that Moon Funeral Home is the best choice made in the worst time.

The staff is compassionate and caring

Going to a funeral home is not a happy incident. So, it is natural that you are not at your best behavior or mood. But you surely expect to get treatment with extreme kindness and compassion. And all these are fulfilled by this funeral home. They make sure they maintain this in all moons funerals homes. All the staff and directors make sure their customers are comfortable and get all their requirements fulfilled.

Fulfills their commitment to the families

Commitment is a huge thing no matter what you do. Especially when you are going through your worst times, it is unfair and sad if funeral homes don’t meet up to their promises. Since it is the last humanly possible thing that you can do for your loved ones, it is natural you would want everything to go as planned. So, it is essential you check one’s history and mission statement. And according to what the Lawrence E. Moon Funeral home has to say, customers are the ultimate thing for them. So, you can be sure that Moon Funeral Home will meet up to what they promise with utmost care and professionalism.

Helps create a meaningful and unique experience for the families

Does the funeral home offer a unique service that your families will remember all their life long? Is that the question running on your mind? Well, if yes, then Moons funerals are surely the ones you are looking for. They provide you a service that will be memorable for you and your families.

Offers good services, facilities and has a good location

Whatever funeral home you choose, it is essential it has a good location. In that case, people can reach the location conveniently and also make arrangements accordingly. So, if you live in Michigan, the Moon’s funeral home is indeed the one that is well-maintained, clean, and also offers all the services that you have been looking for. Also, you already know the services like cars, transfers, etc., are provided by Moon’s funeral home. So, you can easily opt for this funeral home and be sure your funeral will be well taken care of.

Fulfills all cultural and religious needs

Since the United States welcomes people of all cultures and religions, it is essential to note that they perform all kinds of activities. The Lawrence E. Moon Funeral home does offer burials and cremation services. More so, they allow the families to perform their rituals.

Transparency about fees and cost structure

Apart from the extraordinary services a funeral home provides, it is essential they provide a clear picture of the cost and fee structure. It is a potent funeral home only when they are clear about their costs and describe why they are charging the said amount. In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule, there are laws that a funeral home must follow. Here we have discussed in pointers what the rules are:

  • Each funeral home must give the customer a price list that has the mentions the general pricing.
  • Also, the funeral must give the customer the right to select each funeral service and goods used. However, they may have few exceptions.
  • When they are presenting a general price list, it is essential that each of the local and state laws mentioned on it.
  • Every funeral home does provide caskets. But in a case where the casket is brought from elsewhere, they must not be charged or refused.
  • Every funeral home must ideally offer alternative containers. (It is true in the case of cremation. So, an alternative container must be offered).

Also, when you are at the funeral home and paying for the services, the funeral home must give you a vivid picture of the expenses. There must not be any hidden costs that are charged later to the customer. Moon’s Funeral home meets all these criteria. And they offer their services at reasonable costs. So, you can vouch for this funeral home to meet up all your demands at a low cost.

Offer the families grief resources

Losing a loved one is the worst phase of anyone’s life. And to overcome the entire trauma is another battle. Usually, some funeral home only helps in fulfilling the services related to burial or cremation. However, there are some funeral homes that offer funeral education, counseling services, grief support, and so much more. It is always ideal overcoming a situation through help. And some funeral homes can do that for you! Among many funeral homes available, Moon’s funeral home provides you with grief resources. They will help you in healing and overcoming the loss of your beloved in the most loveable way.

Funeral homes are up-to-date

Often, funeral homes belong to the old era. They work the way they used to and do not keep themselves up-to-date. But not all funeral homes you can complain about. There are funeral homes that were built years ago, but they have upgraded themselves and provide the public with everything that modern technology offers.

So, you can depend on Moon’s funeral home if you want anything. Their websites are up-to-date; they can offer webcasting services and even make you memorial videos. All the technology they use is recent and has an enhanced service.

Conducts educational programs to engage the community

Conducting educational programs to engage the community is the benchmark of a potent funeral home. They offer lunch and other learning programs to keep the community informed and engaged. Death is an inevitable thing that no one in the world can avoid. So, when funeral homes conduct such programs, they inform and educate society. If you are wondering if Lawrence E. Moon Funeral home offers this service or not, well, yes, they do! They take the initiative to inform society and help them deal with a loss with utmost courage and dignity.

Final Thoughts

Acceptance is the only way to deal with death. Since it is inevitable and unavoidable, it is always best to accept it. But not everyone handles the situation in the same way. So, in order to help you deal with the toughest time of your life, funeral homes can help. And one of the potent ones is the Moon’s Funeral Home. They meet up to all their promises and will help you handle the situation perfectly.


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