What To Do If My Car Was Hit During a Winter Storm

Car Hit Winter Storm.

What To Do If My Car Was Hit During a Winter Storm. Texas rarely sees a winter storm, but when it does, it can shut down the entire state. That’s exactly what happened the week of February 15th. In just a matter of hours, Texas went from its typical sunny disposition to crippling freezing temperatures.

In tandem, car accidents were rampant. A ten pile-up accident plagued Lubbock, while Fort Worth encountered a whopping 133-vehicle pile-up accident, causing injured motorists to head to some of the best hospitals in Texas. With its ice and frigid snow, winter weather causes a variety of road hazards, especially for those that aren’t acclimated to colder weather. Roads with black ice or that have snow create an enormous risk factor for accidents.

While some insurance companies may give you some leeway for a weather-related accident, some fault may belong to the driver. If you ever get in an accident during a winter storm, it’s important to consider the following things.

Who Is At Fault?

If you are in a wreck during a winter storm, it’s likely the ice and snow on the road that led to your accident. For some insurance companies, that’s not always the case. Insurance companies review every aspect of the accident. This includes inclement weather, bad road conditions, and the drivers involved. While you may see that it was the road that led to the wreck, the insurance company will see that it is the driver’s responsibility to keep the vehicle in control at all times – no matter what. For insurance companies, drivers must take extra precautions when it comes to snow-slicked roads.

Regardless of road conditions during a winter storm, the fault must be identified, and it is up to the insurance companies to do so.

What Happens after Fault is Decided?

Once the fault is decided or determined, and it is found that you were at fault even if the accident resulted from icy roads, the opportunity to appeal the decision will present itself. With the appeal, you can claim that slick roads and bad weather are attributed to the accident and why you don’t deem yourself as at-fault. In some cases, insurance companies may acknowledge the appeal.

However, unless you have proof or evidence that another party is at fault, the decision will stand as you being at-fault. The best way to prove that you aren’t at-fault is to hire an experienced car accident lawyer. Getting results that prove you aren’t at fault requires hiring the best accident attorney in your city or town. These accident lawyers, usually known as personal injury lawyers, will do all they can to prove you weren’t liable for the wreck and recover maximum compensation for your damages. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the best personal injury lawyer you know.

How to Avoid an Accident in Winter

The best way to avoid an accident during the wintertime is to prepare your car for those ice-slicked roads readily. This includes:

  • Switching windshield fluid to antifreeze
  • Investing in winter tires
  • Carrying an ice picker
  • Clean headlights and all mirrors

When on the road, be sure to drive slowly and carefully, and allow extra stopping distance. If the road conditions are very bad, it is usually best to stay off the road altogether since staying in control isn’t the case for some winter roads.

Insurance companies understand that weather and road conditions can take control from the driver, but liability must, unfortunately, be placed. If you were considered liable for an accident, and it wasn’t truly your fault, contact a car accident law firm for your case. Texas has the best car accident lawyers in the United States, with some of the best hospitals in Houston. To hire the best accident lawyer, contact via phone, or search best car accident lawyer near me or the best personal injury lawyer near me in Google.


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