5 Best Ways to Quit Smoking

5 best ways to quit smoking

Do you know that Cigarette smoking is majorly the leading cause of death globally? Around 5 million people give away their lives every year because of smoking. Smoking is very much addictive. It contains nicotine that is highly addictive to the body. It causes a lot of severe problems like lung cancer, stroke, asthma, COPD, heart diseases, etc. More than breast cancer, many women die because of lung cancer, which indicates greater warnings. The flow of blood can also be reduced by the blockages that take place by continuous consumption of cigarettes. In this article, we would know about 5 best ways to quit smoking:

  1. Use Nicotine Replacement Therapy: NRT can help a lot in quitting smoking as it helps to control the cravings. The main function of NRT is to wipe off the body from cigarettes and provide a limited dose of nicotine. They are found in chewing gums, inhalers, nasal spray lozenges, etc. One can easily be able to end the addiction of smoking with continuous NRT. 

2. Ask for behavioral help: Cigarettes cannot be left in a day or two just by deciding to do so. It also requires the right people by your side to support you. Talking about the habit and seeking help to overcome it can never lower your standards, so you should always look for the right counselor and take the right action for a better future. There are so many campaigns that work to help people get out of the smoking zone; they should also be taken into consideration. 

3. Vaping: It is believed that vaping is 95% better than smoking, is less injurious to health, and beneficial in quitting smoking. Vape New Zealand offers smoking devices that are battery-powered and can be charged from the laptop’s USB port. It consists of a liquid that includes various chemicals and nicotine along with different kinds of flavors. Vaping liquids generally do not contain much of the contaminants as compared to the traditional cigarette. Therefore, e-cigarettes can help a lot to give up on smoking. 

4. Start doing exercise: Doing body workouts or performing any physical activity like cycling and running can reduce the cravings for nicotine and tobacco. While exercising, the body requires the right diet to be followed for which a sort of control is made up from the mind that the wrong intake should be avoided.

5. Start distracting your mind: Never forget why you started. There may be times when it feels difficult to quit smoking, but it is never impossible to do so. You are just supposed to make up your mind and do the right thing. The best way to distract your mind is to indulge in different activities like pursuing a hobby, such as woodworking, playing an outdoor sport, or gardening, among other things.


The habit of smoking cannot be gone just in a day or two. It takes time and dedication to overcome. Many ways can be followed in this regard. Starting early is always the right decision to make. So, help yourself get better health and a greater future. 



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