What To Look For In A Plant Based Protein Meal Delivery Service

Plant Based Protein Meal delivery

We all need protein in our diets. In this article, you will get details of What To Look For In A Plant Based Protein Meal Delivery Service.

It keeps us full and helps us create and repair cells in our bodies.

And guess what? It’s a total myth that vegans can’t or don’t get enough protein in their diets. (Did you know that Venus Williams is vegan!?)

Like any kind of diet, you can only get enough protein if you eat enough foods that contain protein (meat isn’t the only source of protein!)

However, some days you just don’t feel like cooking, but you still want to get your fix of plant based protein. So why not try out a plant based protein meal delivery service?

You can get protein-rich meals delivered right to your door! It’s fast, it’s tasty and it’s beyond convenient.

What Are The Best Sources Of Plant Based Protein?

If you’re looking for a great plant based protein meal delivery service, you’re going to need to know what the best sources of plant based protein are!

This way, you can identify which meals are going to be packed with the most protein to keep you feeling full and healthy.

  • Seitan – (Say-tan) Seitan can take on any kind of form, from vegan bacon to vegan chicken. It’s full of protein and can be cooked the same way as any kind of meat or fish, so you won’t feel like you’re missing out if you choose a seitan-centred dish.
  • Tofu – A vegan classic. Tofu is made from soybeans in a similar way to cheese. But don’t worry, there is no cows milk in sight! Tofu comes in different textures and firmness. In fact, it’s so versatile that it can even be blended up and made into a plant based cheesecake!
  • Tempeh – Like tofu, tempeh is made from soybeans, but it has more texture and a more savoury taste, making it feel closer to ordinary meat. It’s really great when barbequed!
  • Quinoa – Do you prefer to stick to vegan wholefoods? Quinoa is a great protein-rich whole food option. It’s found in loads of different vegan dishes, including curries, salads and even porridge.
  • Legumes – Legumes include green peas, chickpeas and lentils and they are great sources of vegan protein. Look out for some dishes containing falafel or hummus (which are made from chickpeas) in any plant based protein meal delivery services.

Seitan, tofu, tempeh and quinoa are just some of the great sources of plant based protein, and you’re sure to find a few dishes containing them in most good plant based protein meal delivery services.

The Benefits Of Plant Based Protein

We all know the benefits of a plant based diet, it’s (usually) healthier and it’s definitely better for the planet!

But what are the benefits of vegan protein in particular?

1.   A Source of Complete Protein

A lot of people think of animal proteins as ‘complete proteins’, but did you know that lots of sources of vegan protein are ‘complete’ too? (This means that they contain enough of all nine amino acids that your body can’t produce on its own) Complete vegan proteins include soy and tempeh!

2.   Better Digestion

Lots of plant based foods contain vitamins and fibre as well as protein. Eating sources of plant based protein like legumes and quinoa can lead to easier digestion and increased mobility.

3.   A Source Of Clean Protein

A lot of animal proteins contain antibiotics and hormones that the animal has been fed or treated with, which can disrupt your own hormone balance. The great thing about plant based sources of protein is that they are more likely to contain healthier anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals which are essential for your general health and well-being.

A plant based protein meal delivery service is a great way to get all the benefits of plant based protein, without needing to spend a long time cooking. It gets delivered right to your doorstep and you can rest easy knowing that the food is healthy, filling and nutritious.









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