5 one of a kind decorating ideas for your child’s room

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Here’s how to make your little one’s bedroom stand out from the crowd

We all want out homes to feel like a space that’s quintessentially ours. And children’s bedrooms are no exception of decorating. Our bedrooms are our sanctuary from the outside world, and your little one’s room should be a unique and dazzling expression of who they are as a person.

Which is why we’ve put together this guide of completely one-of-a-kind ways to decorate your child’s bedroom. You won’t find any generic advice on here. These are exclusively tips for making a kid’s bedroom a sanctuary that feels completely unlike any other. So without further ado, let’s take a look.

Custom diamond paintings decorating 

There is no better way to decorate your child’s bedroom than by filling it with their very own creations that they can be proud of. Diamond painting kits are a fantastic way to encourage your little one’s artistic side while also decorating their room with beautiful, shimmering paintings.

A custom diamond painting from Heartful Diamonds are, as the name suggests, kits that guide your child through the fun of painting a picture with glistening paint colours. There are many different kits to choose from, each with their own image, so you can choose something that appeals to your child’s tastes. From fairies and princesses to animals and more, there are plenty of options available. Whatever kit your child completes, the clear instructions will help them create their very own masterpiece to display with pride.

But diamond painting isn’t just for the kids. It’s the perfect hobby for parents to share in, too.

Create a photo collage decorating 

Showering your child’s room with beautiful memories will help their space feel truly their own. From pictures of them growing up, to snaps of family holidays, parties, outings with friends and more, this is a great way to add interest to the interior design while keeping things super personal. 

You can either give your child free rein to display pictures all over the world, or invest in a notice board that they can curate, change, add to and edit over time. As well as photos, they may want to display items with significant meanings like concert tickets, letters and more.

Celebrate their interests

Some children love sports, others love music. Some are keen creative writers, while others enjoy reading, numbers, movies or something else entirely. Whatever gets your child excited, make sure you celebrate it in their bedroom. If they play an instrument, give it pride of place in their room. If they play sports, invest in shelving where they can display kit and trophies. This is a simple but effective way to celebrate what your child loves in a space that should feel all their own.

Open shelving for toys decorating 

Speaking of shelving, they aren’t exclusively for books or trophies. Instead of hiding away your little one’s favourite toys in toy boxes or closets, display them with pride on open shelving. This will ensure that they get played with more often – which of course is the reason you bought them in the first place – while adding plenty of colour, excitement and character to your child’s room. Even if the rest of the room is relatively plain, having toys on display will instantly make your child excited to be there.

Ask them for a colour scheme

The thought of putting control of a room’s colour scheme in the hands of your child might fill you with dread, but it’s important to ask for their input when it comes to decorating their bedroom. Of course, you don’t have to take their suggestions at face value. If they say their ideal colour scheme is neon orange and hot pink, opt for a neutral wall colour and introduce some pops of bright colour in the rug, cushions and wall art.


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