Free Love Tarot Reading to Predict Your Relationship Status

free love tarot reading

Free Love Tarot Reading to Predict Your Relationship Status By Shusree Mukherjee -March 11, 2023

Everyone is curious about their love life, and what better than using a free love tarot reading! Well, here we are going to talk all about promising free love tarot reading. But the first question that comes to your mind when we speak of tarot cards? Isn’t it what tarot card reading is? If you have all these questions playing on your mind, scroll down!

“Utilizing free love tarot reading can not only help predict your relationship status but also provide guidance for critical life decisions. For instance, you may be considering starting PrEP, a medication that helps prevent HIV, a major global health concern. Even in complex situations like these, the wisdom of Major and Minor Arcana Love Tarot cards can offer a unique perspective. Explore the truths revealed by the Swords and the emotional resonance of the Cups to better navigate your life’s journey, whether in matters of the heart or health.”

Everyone is curious about their love life. And what better than using free love tarot reading! Well, here we are going to talk all about promising free love tarot reading. But the first question that comes to your mind when we speak of tarot cards? Isn’t it what tarot card reading is? If you have all these questions playing on your mind, scroll down!

Types of true love tarot cards

Tarot card reading is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the present, past, or future by drawing cards and interpreting what they depict. Before you learn about free love tarot reading, it is essential to know the different types of tarot cards to interpret the results better.

There are various queries people have regarding their love life which brings people to free love tarot reading. A successful true love tarot occurs when there is an interaction between the tarot cards. There are several cards in a deck that promise to give a favorable interpretation of one’s love life. The true love tarot cards are organized in a deck for a free love tarot reading. The cards are paired with a love mantra. This love mantra is said to allow better interpretation of cards and manifestation of energy.

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Different Types of true love tarot cards

There are multiple numbers of tarot cards, but here we will talk about the primary true love tarot cards that allow for a free love tarot reading experience.

Major Arcana Love Tarot Card

The first is the Major Arcana Love Tarot Cards. It is believed that these tarot cards are rare occurrences in daily free love tarot reading. These cards only appear when something very significant or extraordinary, life-changing things are about to occur shortly. The appearance of this card calls for the reader to be alert during a free love tarot reading.

The Lovers

This is a true love tarot card that has invited some confusion in the past and even now. Some readers in the past have interpreted this card as a new love interest emerging in the person’s life. This card depicts the translation of friendship to a deeper romantic level. The card assures that the feeling that the person has if communicated, will be reciprocated.

The Empress

The empress true love tarot card depicts the start of a mutually healthy relationship in a free love tarot reading experience. This card also makes an appearance for single people who thrive on self-love, and others are attracted by the glow that exhibits. This card depicts an intense level of care for people in romantic relationships.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant ritualistic significance gives its appearance importance to relationships. The appearance of a hierophant is also interpreted as a marriage between two people in true love tarot reading. The Hierophant card symbolizes any kind of meaningful steps like introducing the partner to friends and family.

The Sun

The sun card in a true love tarot reading is meant to bring positivity to the table. This is the most powerful card in the true love tarot deck. The sun card interprets that some positive or celebratory event is nearby. This could also be good news for couples who are trying to conceive. This true love tarot card could also mean the joining of two separated lovers.

free love tarot reading

Love tarot cups cards

Let us give you some insight on which cards are beneficial for a true love tarot reading.

Love tarot cups cards- Two of cups

The two of cups is a true love tarot card that depicts small victories in a couple’s love life. It represents a new stage in the relationship. This card guarantees that arguments between partners have a positive outcome in terms of learning. It encourages being open and vulnerable around each other. This makes the person feel like they have attained a new level of comfort around their partner.

Love tarot cups card- Ten of cups

The ten of cups card is believed to promise an unbelievable amount of joy in a person’s life. The appearance of this card promises so much pleasure that, at times, a person doubts reality. The person has difficulty believing their luck. This card promises that a long spell of happiness is nearby, waiting for the person. This true love tarot card promises a fulfilling relationship for those dating. It also comes with the implications of a supporting family. The love relationship between two people is believed to inspire and motivate others in the family.

Love tarot cups- Knight of cups

The knight of cups guarantees an overwhelming amount of love energy. When this card appears, it is suggested to let go and enjoy what life has to offer without any reservations. It is interpreted that a new person might enter the person’s life and drastically changes their views of love positively. This card is considered overwhelming because it’s like diving headfirst into a sea wave. You will find this card to recommend letting all of that love in without resistance.

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Love tarot Wands Card

Let us gain some insight into love tarot wands cards that benefit the free tarot reading yes or no. These cards are associated with the fire element and are considered to be active cards.

Ace of Wands

This card is interpreted to be a lusty and sensual card. It allows one to feel sensual energy oozing from one’s love life. There are high chances of sexual contact in a person’s love life when this card makes an appearance. This card encourages a playful, sensual self and experimentation.

Four of Wands

The Four of wands card in free tarot reading yes or no encourages the celebration of a romantic union. In this card, it depicts a call for a change in a person’s romantic relationship. Further, the card allows for the transcending of a love relationship to the next level.

This card could mean marriage bells ringing nearby or even engagement. For single people, this means some indulgence towards the making of a romantic life on dating apps possibly.

Six of Wands

The Six of Wands in a free tarot reading yes or no depicts a mutual success for partners that can be enjoyed by both the partners. Wand cards always appear for relatively younger relationships. A wand card can result in the argument of partners, which can serve useful in sorting differences and gaining clarity. This card gives a lot of confidence to new relationships. It makes them feel like they can conquer anything and everything together.

Love tarot Pentacles card

Let us gain some insight into the love tarot pentacles card for a free tarot reading yes or no.

Ten of Pentacles

The appearance of this card in free tarot reading yes or no depicts a sustainable and mature romantic relationship. This tarot card represents a relationship in which both partners feel safe and secure. If this card makes an appearance during a free tarot card reading yes or no, they can rely on their partners and trust them blindly. This card encourages communication between partners. It also guarantees that the communication will be met with generosity.

Queen of Pentacles

The appearance of this card calls for a celebration of a strong self. This card in free tarot reading yes or no depicts development in terms of personal growth. It also means that people in the person’s life have supported this personal growth over some time. This card encourages asking for needed support in the relationship. It could mean that you are ready for motherhood, and you need your partner’s support there.

Absence of Swords in a free tarot reading yes or no

Most free tarot reading yes or no, do not support sword tarot cards. However, a few tarot card readers make use of this card during free love tarot reading yes or no. Sword cards in free love tarot reading yes or no indicate times of high tension. Sword tarot cards are truth-speaking cards. The appearance of this card could mean that speaking a difficult truth might improve a relationship. Sword tarot cards may depict progress in a relationship, but they do not represent a very stable or secure time in a relationship.

At times sword cards in a free love tarot reading yes or no ask the person to step back and make an assessment of their current love life.

The appearance of upright Court Cards in free tarot reading yes or no

Court cards do not always represent paramours. They also strand for friends. The rank of a suit of a Court card means how the person’s lover influences their life. Certain tarot card readers link Court cards with Zodiac signs. For example, a Court Card of Wands represents Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries. This is because they are born under the fire sign. Similarly, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio represent water signs in Cups. Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra represent air signs in Swords. Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo represent earth signs in pentacles. The interaction of other cards with Court cards depicts the situational actions of a person.

A guide to free love tarot reading

Here we will guide you through setting up your cards, understand your cards and interpret them. We hope you are ready with your set of tarot cards!

Requirements for a free love tarot reading

The most significant arranging of the deck in free tarot reading yes or no is the Rider-Waite tarot deck. It is famous for its simplicity in terms of color and imagery. If you are a beginner, this tarot deck is recommended for its intuitive meaning. In case the tarot reader finds difficulty in interpreting the card, he/she can easily find the mini card papers that have interpretation notes.

The Wild Unknown deck is a comparatively more attractive tarot deck but is less intuitive for beginners. This tarot deck has bold faces and brighter colors. These decks closely resemble the theme of Game of throne decks.

The most crucial factor while deck selection is to pick one that is of interest. Additionally, we recommend selecting the decks whose imageries you find interesting.

Deck preparation for a free love tarot reading

Preparing a deck usually depends on the tarot card reader’s preference. It is recommended to ask your client the question they wish to know before you start shuffling or ‘cleaning’ the deck of previous questions. After this, you should ask your querent to cut the deck. This allows the client to be more connected with their deck with their estimable questions in mind. Pull the cards required for the process of the spread and keep them between you and the client.

Reading cards for a free love tarot reading

Out of the tarot spreads, the most popular tarot card spreads are the three-card spread. This method requires the tarot card reader to pull three cards from the deck. The first card represents the past, the second the present, and the third the future. Now the timeline for the future depends on the querent or the client’s question. Future can mean ten days from then or even ten years from then.

A helpful practice for a beginner tarot card reader is to indulge in daily card readings. One tarot card is pulled from a shuffled deck as a guideline for the day. This practice allows beginner tarot card readers to finalize themselves with the tarot deck and tarot card reading as early as possible.

Tarot cards are of a total of 78. You can divide them into two during a tarot reading. The two divisions are minor and major arcana. The major arcane consists of 2 trump cards.

On the other hand, the minor arcane involves 56 cards divided into suits of four. The four suits are cups, swords, pentacles and wands.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this blog benefitted you to learn a little about free love tarot reading with the help of tarot cards. The knowledge you have gained will also help you make free love tarot readings for your friends and family. We hope you enjoyed our blog and will come back for more.


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