Travelling again? Here’s a list of essentials you just can’t forget

List of essentials for travelling

Let’s be honest, we’ve all missed the buzz of travelling somewhere new. Amidst the pandemic, most of us have had to cancel or reschedule our annual getaways and there’s no doubt that we’re all itching to get back in the air. Whether a seasoned traveller or a one-holiday person, all this time at home may have you confused about the essentials you need to carry with you on your next flight! So we’ve made a list of essentials for your travelling – are you ready to get on board?

  1. Comfortable Clothes

Although this one should be quite ingrained in everyone’s brains already, since travel has been minimal over the last year, let’s remember to dress comfortably. We may be itching to dress up, but the airport is not our runway. From getting through check-in to sitting for hours on a plane, travelling can be tiring on the best of days and with new policies, many people are finding themselves spending more and more time waiting in airports. Why not use this fantastic Shein coupon code to get a discount on some comfortable, yet stylish clothing to make a statement on your next flight!

2. Travel Cushion

If you have a layover or have gotten stuck in a middle seat, this travel cushion will be your best friend! Just carry it around your neck to keep your hands free for bags and trolleys and stroll through the airport with no issues. You can even buy one which is inflatable in case you want to keep it in your bag and only blow it up on the flight – how could you ever go wrong with an accessory like this?

3. Extra Socks

For those long, red eye flights, carrying an extra pair of fluffy socks to wear is essential! Let’s not forget how cold those aircraft cabins can get – no one likes to freeze! An extra pair of socks will ensure to keep your toes warm whilst you fly around the world. Note – make sure the socks are not tight fitting. Being seated for long hours is already bad for blood circulation in your body, so make sure your socks are loose and soft to prevent any additional discomfort!

4. Headphones

Who doesn’t like listening to music whilst waltzing around duty free? Not only will headphones keep you occupied during your time before or between flights, most of them come with additional wires that you can plug into your seat so that you can listen to in-flight entertainment! Just make sure you don’t miss any announcements about your flight!

5. Freshening up kit

Leaving the airport with stinky breath is never a good shout. Why not carry a little freshening up kit on board with you so that you can make sure to tidy up your hair and wash your face before you get off the flight. All you need is a toothbrush, a small tube of toothpaste and a hairbrush – voila, your own carry-on kit bag! You’ll never leave a flight without feeling refreshed again! Pro tip: Put a small bottle of hand sanitizer in there too for safe measure!

6. Extra face masks

Although most airlines will provide you with extra face masks in current times, it’s always good to be prepared. Remember, most medical, single use face masks are only effective for up to 4 hours, therefore if your flight is longer than that, it may be better to carry additional masks just in case. Try the masks out before you leave home to ensure they are breathable and don’t hurt your ears – you won’t be able to take these off during the flight so it’s better to be safe than sorry! Check out these tips to make wearing your mask more comfortable.

Getting ready to travel again is exciting but it can also be daunting when thinking about everything you may need to have with you. Hopefully this list can put your mind at ease and get you in the holiday spirit sooner rather than later! Enjoy your travels!


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