How to dye a human hair wig


Contrary to traditional wigs, especially human hairpieces are much lighter and more pleasing, maybe as it is, they will give you the quality of hair with the decision of styling. Its incomprehensible hairline means that no one will understand that you are basically wearing hairpieces unless you give them guidance! The condition of a hairpiece is made with a small sheer trim board that is placed on the front of the hairpiece. All the edges of the hair are sewn by hand into the holes inside the lace. The rest of this hairpiece is made up of a lot of ground material that, instead of being reinforced together, will not explode.

Additionally, that’s not all. Chances are you’ve never dyed your hair or you don’t want to be able to hide your trademark hair, use human hair as a protective style. Whenever you buy your own human hair wig, we will give you specific tips and things that you will discover from the hair that appreciates your charming character.

Unlike instant haircuts, a person’s haircuts are dyed with some restraint, which is not a constant problem. When you like normal hair, you will use similar hair concealers, invaluable experts, and even testing tools to cover your hair. Gently mix your shading before applying it to the hair follicles. To keep the hair spotless and disgusting, wash your head shortly after. Remember that hair loss will not be far from synthetic hairpieces.

Here onemorehair describes the steps of coloring human hair wig.

  1. Color mixing
  2. Choose traditional hair hide.

You may want to use a hair tone from any pharmacy. Breaking down indicates your psyche, regardless, that you should primarily fade human hair. Try not to try to help the hair, as the sanitizer used in light hair ends can tie the hair.

Do whatever it takes to get the most out of your hair. Use hair cover as time allows.

  1. Find 20 volume hair fashions.

Low volume can also be a source of power. The 20 volume developer will allow you to change a few tones while the 30 volume will allow you to make the hair, however just as appropriate. More often than not, 20 volume creators will find work.

  1. Put on elastic gloves.

Gloves will protect your skin from irritation and blemishes. Use versatile gloves that you don’t necessarily want to waste anymore.

  1. Mix the head and planner in the same way during the plastic bowl.

Use your shape’s direction to find the number of tones that you should engage with the creator. Mix with a plastic spoon. When the shading contact light appears, do not press. It will be amazing over long distances.

For this situation, when a piece of your hair falls under your shoulders, you will need two boxes to cover your hair.

Try not to use metal utensils or spoons to balance your shedding. Metal can oxidize colors, form different tones.

  1. Dyeing
  2. Check the shade of some parts of the hair.

Paint a small piece of your hair with your fingers or a small paintbrush. This may be a place that is not properly viewed. Represent thirty or forty minutes. When you need a tone, apply it to the rest of the hair. When you don’t really like the head, try an amazing shade of hair cover.

  1. Dip the wig inside the bowl.

Identify the hairpiece inside the bowl with the accent. With your hands, apply the accent delicately to the hairpiece and spread it over the layers of hair. Be sensitive and try not to dye your hair with daily crushing.

  1. Spot the wig on the hairpiece stand.

After dyeing your hair, the hair shading stand will maintain the condition of your hair. Recognize the hairpiece on the rest of the hair as if you were wearing it on your head. Secure the barrette to the stand using T-pins.

Maybe a long journey with shady hair. To brighten any tone in your decor, you’ll need a towel or plastic over the hairpin stand.

  1. Brush through the hair.

Use a shaded or hairpiece brush everywhere on the hairpiece. Make sure the accent is applied evenly throughout the hair. This can help make shaded hair look more normal.

  1. Supply hair wigs to the head to set.

To find out how much time you should leave, stick to the shading pack. At most, it lasts for thirty or forty minutes. In case you can’t find these figures, evaluate the hair work. At this point, when it reaches the right tone, you will delete it.

At this point, when you are not doing the work of hitting the hair, leave the hairpiece inside the bowl inline. Wrap it up and cover it.

Currently, Onemorehair is showing the last step in human hair wig coloring.

  1. Hair washing
  2. Hair cleaner.

Use an invisible safe chemical or an unusual hair cleaning agent. Before cleaning the hair, identify the hair with warm water to strengthen any inappropriate shedding block. Any place that is lost after chemical washing.

  1. Use conditioner on hair ideas.

This will be an extra pressure to satisfy the hair. Do whatever it takes to use any conditioner near the base of your hair, then, again, the hair may fall out. Wash conditioner with cold or hot tap water.

  1. Clean the hair with a towel.

Gently press the hair to remove excess water. Clean the back hair again to keep it dry.

  1. Let the hair dry.

You can leave it in the dry air or you can use a hairdryer on a coffee set. When you are drying your hairdryer, leave it on until it is completely dry. When you are blow-drying it, run the hand blower through your hair fairly. Make sure the hair is not too hot.


Tip 1: If you decide to dye your hair, it is important to consider the base of the hat and the front of the lace, as shade stains cannot be removed. To maintain the spread of non-abrasive paint, apply a thick layer of Vaseline on small laces and separate lines before cutting the residue.

Tip 2: Color the human hair wig as a first test and represent a few hours to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

Tip 3: Light-haired curtains like platinum blondes will take the shading tone to a much higher level than the darker shades.



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