Eight Trends Young People are Jumping That Were Associated with the Older Generation

Eight Trends Young People

Young people missed out on many of their favourite activities last year – as concert venues, parties, clubs, restaurants closed, and travel grinding to a halt. The lack of things to do has younger people looking for different hobbies outside the typical stuff we associate the average social 20 to 30 somethings when they are home. Over the last year, I have seen my friends picking up many new hobbies to help pass time, learn new skills, and deal with loneliness. Below are eight trends young people are jumping that was associated with the older generation

Gardening and Houseplants 

Last spring, many plant stores and garden centers experienced a shortage in products – as more younger people co-opted the hobby of gardening and keeping house plants. Gardening – if you have the outdoor space – is a fun, relaxing, and productive hobby that gives you something to do every morning. Many young may not have the outdoor space – living in condos and apartments – but that does not mean they did not get on the plant train. Indoor or balcony gardening – growing herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and other single-pot plants – is hugely popular amongst younger people now. Houseplants as well experienced a surge last year, as young people stuck at home looked to add some extra green into their lives. 

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Playing Online Casino Games

Young people enjoy casinos for the fun and thrill of the games – but with most casinos closed or offering limited services, many are trying out online options. Online casinos are easy to navigate and provide a wide variety of games – giving young people a chance to learn and play Keno, Baccarat, and other games the older generations know and love.  

Knitting and Crocheting 

Instead of staring at their phones as they re-watched their favourite sitcoms for the umpteenth time – some younger people took up knitting and crocheting. The hobby is great for individuals looking for something easy to start but challenging to master. It also provides an end product – once you get the processes down – that you can give to friends and family members. 


Baking is experiencing an explosion in popularity over the last few years – due to many younger people watching baking shows (Sugar Rush and The Great British Baking Show, to name some examples) at home. Baking is a simple yet complex activity that is fun to do alone or with friends. It is the perfect activity for a rainy or snowy afternoon, and the reward at the end – something tasty you made from scratch – is excellent.


Cooking is different enough from baking that it deserves its own section on this list. Many younger people are genuinely learning to cook homemade meals for the first time or are cooking at home much more frequently than before. There are multiple reasons younger people are cooking at home. Restaurant closures are a significant factor – even if takeout is available. The rise of meal kits is also helping the busier young people make healthy meals more consistently. And for the others, having extra time to learn and prepare is making them cook more often. 

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Card and Board Games 

Young people living in situations with at least another individual are adding card games and board games more than ever to their weekly activity list. Card games and board games are a way to have some fun with your partner or roommates while also getting some needed time away from a screen. You could toss puzzles into this cluster as well.  

Going for Walks

For many older people walking is their primary form of exercise – and for younger people who cannot access their gyms or play team sports – walking is now a much more significant part of their lives. Walking an hour a day – especially if you pick up the pace a bit – is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors. 

Book Clubs

Reading is a hobby of every age group – but book clubs tend to range on the older side, until now. Friends are now picking books, reading them, and doing Zoom book clubs as an activity. It is a great activity to sharpen the brain and socialize with friends on a different topic.


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