These Types of Panties Every Woman Should Own


Girls no drama, but your underwear is probably one of the most important items in your wardrobe. The right pair can boost your comfort and confidence. One style doesn’t fit every style and occasion. It is very important to choose proper undergarments. Ignoring the importance of wearing proper panties is the mistake we usually make.

Underwear is very much part of us, like the air we breathe almost every second of your lives. Your underwear requires careful consideration of how to choose when you shop for them.

A guide to the underwear styles you need:

1. Thongs:


Reach for a thong style to provide coverage and protection between your body and clothing, without showing through. Prefer this style with fitting pants, skirts, jumpsuits, and leggings. It provides minimal coverage on your hips and zero coverage on your butt. These are one of the most comfy styles.

2. Bikinis:


Bikinis are one of the most popular underwear styles. It is the best swim outfit when you want to hit the pool or lay by the beach. It has a lower rise on the hip and a higher cut on legs with still offering plenty of coverage on your backside. These panties are ideal for physical workouts. These are the best pair with a bikini top, bralette, or a swimsuit. You can wear these stylish briefs on an everyday basis too.

3. Hipsters:


Hipsters go well with low rise pants and jeans. These have a bit more coverage on the legline than a bikini and are super comfy. It is the most popular choice for everyday use. The best advantage to choose this panty is that it comes in different varieties and is used for different occasions. There are high-waist, low-waist, or mid-waist depending on waist levels.

4. G-strings:


You want to spice it up a little bit? Pick G-strings which are very similar to thongs but provides very less coverage. These are very famous with beaches, fantasy nights, and sunbathing. Many women prefer this style with form fitting pants, bikini tops, skirts and also feel the style gives them added confidence for intimate will experience the comfort and luxury. It will embrace your body as it is with a sexy appearance .

5. Seamless:


No other panties can beat the comfort quotient of seamless panties. As the name implies, these panties don’t have any visible seams with no stitches on them and they will also be gentle on your skin. They make a perfect choice under body-hugging outfits and for any type of casual clothing such as leggings. They are free from irritating elastic bands.

6. High-Briefs:


Anytime you want to feel more secure, high waisted briefs are the best. It adds an extra support and comfortable barrier between your body and your high waisted pants. These are designed with full coverage and look slimmer with an elastic waistband which helps in tummy smoothening. You can add this to your everyday wear and also for post delivery maternity wear.

7. Boyshorts:


The boyshort is a versatile piece of brief that can function well under clothing. It is the higher butt coverage brief which is best for loungewear, gym, and formal wear. You can experience no rash all day and these are highly breathable. They are so comfortable during sleep and super sexy. Their leg openings are extended a few inches below the widest part of the hip. These are basically shorts for women which keeps you at ease all day long.

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Embrace your gloriousness in you and slay like a queen. Now that you know about the different panty styles, you can buy them at a renowned panty brand like Clovia. You came to know exactly what to wear and feel comfortable with more styles.


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