Save, Wait, Purchase, Wear – Prepper’s Guide To Your Favorite Sneakers Release

Favorite Sneakers Release

Planning to buy a pair of sneakers that are likely to sell out due to the higher demand? Here is a guide to help you. 

There are numerous measures you can employ to increase the chances of grabbing a pair of limited release kicks for their retail price. This can be either in person or online.

This is the right time to get ready as 2021 is rolling up to be one of the biggest years. Higher profile retro have been announced like the Hibbett new release. This is a shoe whose drop drives sneaker lovers into a panic mood as they crave to own a pair. 

Here is one to get ahead of the competition:

Know what you want 

Do not find out about the most stunning kicks many months after they are all sold out. If you’ve followed some of the leading websites for news updates, you will always be in the know whenever the new releases are made. It will be helpful if you follow your best brand’s social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their updates. 

Conduct thorough research

Attempting to purchase a famous pair of sneakers is the same as applying for medical or law school. If you get late even for a moment, your chances of getting the sneaker are in the dirt. Ensure you know the time and day the sneaker will go on sale and the vendors that will be selling them, both in-store and online. 

If you want to buy online, make sure you set the alarm for a time before the sneaker goes on sale. This is because the most famous releases will all be sold out within the first one hour. Set up your account beforehand with all the vendors that will be having the kicks. Have your autofill date for your credit card detail and address set up. Note that each second counts when it comes to dealing with the ultra-famous Hibbett new release. Therefore, ensure you know how the checkout process for all websites works. 

If you are using a physical seller, ensure you ask a lot of questions about the sneakers you want. Find out how many pairs available, if they have pairs in your size, and if yes, how many. Find out what time they will open if they are anticipating higher demand, and if they are letting queues form before opening or inside the shop. Make sure you get enough information about the Hibbett new release as the shop will offer you and utilize it to your advantage. In case you build a rapport with the worker, convince them to put aside a pair for you. 

Don’t rush! Be patient 

Online purchase of higher demand release is always a tense experience that rewards commitment and persistence. A huge spike in traffic will do everything weird to a site. You might be told that all the pairs of your favorite sneakers are out of stock. You might be offered an annoying stream of error messages or even loading screens. This might take longer, but if you are patient and wait, there is a chance you will bag what you want. 

Other additional tips on copping the latest release

There are numerous places to get new sneaker releases online. For instance, you can head straight to the brand websites like Adidas, Nike, or Reebok. Note that these online shops are always ready for a new Hibbett new release. You can order with them and they are always supportive through their social media platforms like Twitter. 

Now, let’s talk about pre-orders. Some retailers don’t allow pre-orders but you can get some websites, even on eBay that allow you to place an order a couple of weeks before the premium. They all do all the hard work for you. However, this method is not recommended by experts since you can get scammed easily. So, be careful. 

Here are some of the universal tips for making an order online:

  • Create an account with your details and register and log in
  • Make sure the web page is open and ready
  • Follow major brand’s social media accounts for live updates
  • Have a back-up website already opened in another tab and window

If you did not get fortunate the first time, don’t lose hope. Continue rechecking the website for restocks. Note that restocks occur when buyers ordered the wrong shoe size or they didn’t manage to resell the sneakers and opted to return them.

If you’re not able to get the latest release at retail, you can check out secondary marketplaces such as GOAT and Flight Club. While you’ll be paying premium resale prices, these sites have plenty of inventory and ensure authenticity on every purchase.

One release in 2021 you don’t want to take an ‘L’ on is the Jordan 1 Hyper Royal now available at GOAT. This sneaker is expected to be one of the top Jordan releases of the year featuring a mix of faded baby blue upper, white leather upper, and a smoke gray Swoosh. This sneaker is expected to drop April 2021, don’t miss out on one of the biggest releases of the year.


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