Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Nissan Patrol: Which is the Better Off-Roader?

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Nissan Patrol

If you are in the market for a capable off roader, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Nissan Patrol are two of your best options. For many years, these diesel-powered all-rounders have been shuttling families around the world with their reliable off-roading capabilities and practical features. But who is the real winner in their segment? Let us explore what each has to offer in terms of design, engine, safety, fuel consumption, etc.


On the surface, the Nissan Patrol looks cool—so cool it seems like it’s been molded out of stone with its tall bonnet, flat roof, and face that resembles that of a wall. But while its colossal size and full-bodied appearance are particularly impressive, the same cannot be said about its interior styling, which looks rather less futuristic. Well, the most recent Nissan Patrol features significant upgrades on its grille, bumpers, and bonnet, but the tweaks inside just may not be enough to catch your fancy. The attempt to modernize the interior is apparently there, but the preference for wood over more premium materials seems to defeat that purpose. And oh, its tech is almost archaic!

As for the, the refreshed version features a design that makes it irresistible to car buyers. Especially if you go for the Kakadu model, you will love how its LED headlights, DRLs, and new grille provide a beautiful accent to the width of this off-roader. And just when you thought the old Toyota Land Cruiser Prado couldn’t get any more muscular, Toyota made significant tweaks to the new Prado to further enhance its already robust form. The interior features significant upgrades too, highlighted by its refined steering wheels, media interface, and several others. The Land Cruiser Prado has never looked sharper.

Engine and Fuel Consumption

Now let’s talk about the engine. The new Nissan Patrol is packed with a 5.6-liter petrol V8 that makes 298kW/560Nm—which sounds cool, unless you prefer diesel. Well, the bad news is that this off-roader is not giving you other options than the V8 when it comes to engine.  That means if you are conscious about your fuel consumption, this may not be the right choice for you. This needs at least 95 RON of premium petrol to run in its full capacity both in urban and suburb driving. Sounds like a lot, right?

On the other hand, the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is offering the same engine for all its variants—a 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine—giving you more power and torque. But the best thing about it is that while it offers the same engine for both its entry-grade models and higher-end models, it lets you choose between a six-speed manual or auto. You will also love how it runs a consistent 4WD set-up with its 4H and 4L modes! But if there is one downside to it, it’s that you will not be able to get a rear diff lock unless you go for an auto transmission—which is a huge disadvantage if you prefer manual over auto driving. Either way, you will be impressed with the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado’s fuel economy, which is pretty impressive given its size. This off-roader consumes just about 11.5L/100km, and you won’t find that figure jump to super high levels even when towing.


In the safety department, both the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado are up to the mark. The most recent Nissan Patrol includes standard safety features such as AEB, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert, and ISOFIX points for child seats. The curtain airbags covering all of its three rows are also enough to make you feel secure during long drives. Despite these significant safety upgrades, however, the Nissan Patrol still does not have an ANCAP rating yet.

As for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado—well, you probably know how Toyota goes well above and beyond what’s expected when it comes to safety. No wonder, the refreshed version of this SUV holds a maximum five-star safety rating and features safety upgrades that come as standard across all its models. These safety features include a more improved auto emergency braking system with pedestrian detection, automated high-beam headlights, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning that steers you back to your lane when you drift away from it while driving. One good thing about the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is that regardless of the transmission you go for, you can trust that your car has a reversing camera, several airbags, ABS, trailer-sway control, and stability and traction control. All models also come with automated high-beam headlights to help make you more visible on the road at night. If you want more advanced safety features, you may go for higher-end models such as the VX or Kakadu, which both feature blind-spot monitoring and rear-cross traffic alert. Both models also come with front parking sensors and many other off-road technologies for safer drives.


If you are looking for an off-roader that is tough on the road and is fun and safe to drive, both the Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser Prado make great choices. Despite being around for ages now, the Land Cruiser Prado still never fails to deliver, just as the Nissan Patrol does. When choosing between the two, however, it is imperative to consider what it is like to live with them on the road, when you are not taking a challenging trip elsewhere, and how much fuel they consume.  While the Nissan Patrol is a certified beast, you may find that it’s already getting on and its interior styling is far from stunning. With only one non-fuel-efficient engine choice, you will also think twice about choosing it over its peer. The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, on the other hand, is a stunner from the inside out. With the updates made on the new Land Cruiser Prado’s design, performance, and safety features, it is clear that Toyota has made significant strides to keep it on top of the shopping lists of car buyers who are in the market for a reliable family SUV.


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