Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

Since most people do not cover their head, their hair will often get dirty. Singapore has a hot and humid tropical climate so people sweat a lot which can cause itching of the scalp. Hence to keep their hair clean and prevent itching, people are washing their hair regularly. However, unlike the skin, hair does not dry rapidly. It is not advisable to go outdoors with wet hair since it will become dirty quickly. Because of this, many people are using a hair dryer to dry their hair quickly and they wish to purchase the best hair dryer available. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is one of the top rated hair dryers. To find out more about its features,  one can visit  https://www.ishopchangi.com/en/product/dyson-supersonic–hair-dryer-hd03-mp00122464.


The Dyson Supersonic HD03 is one of the most popular hair dryers from Dyson using the latest technology. The hair dryer has a powerful motor which will ensure that the hair will dry quickly . The hair dryer is available in different colors like black/nickel and fuchsia. It is supplied with attachments, like the air attachment and smoothing nozzle. A mat which is heat resistant and non-slip is also provided for keeping the hair dryer. A warranty of two years is offered on the hair dryer by Dyson. All the attachments of the hair dryer are of magnetic type so that they can be easily attached , removed or rotated while styling.


The smoothing nozzle which is provided dries the air using a smooth airflow which is controlled, so that it has a finish which is natural and smooth. The styling concentrator in the dryer has a wider and thinner design to create a high speed jet of air. This focused air jet helps in styling one section of the hair at a time, without disturbing the other parts of the hair which may be already styled. The diffuser used is also re-engineered to define the waves and curls better, reducing the frizz. The diffuser has longer prongs, for greater control, so that it is easier to style the hair and more hair can be styled at a time. The air attachment has been designed specifically for individuals with sensitive scalps or fine hair, since the air is diffused at a lower temperature,lower speed though the hair will also dry fast. A cold shot can also be applied for setting the hair.


There are three speed settings in the hairdryer, high speed for faster styling and drying, medium speed for regular drying and low speed for diffusing. Correspondingly there are also four different heat settings, 100°C for fast drying, 80°C is the regular drying temperature, 60°C for cooler drying, diffusing and 28C for a cold shot. The speed of the digital motor in the hair dryer can be increased to 110,000 rpm, forcing up to 13 liters of air/second.

The trademarked air multiplier technology used allows the airflow to be amplified to produce a controlled high speed jet of air for faster hair dryer.


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