Common questions to ask during interview

during interview

Most companies are interviewing the job applicants before selecting suitable candidates. Though the company will consider the resume of the candidate while shortlisting the candidate for the job, the interview is also an opportunity to understand the job applicant better. In companies, the managers usually get an opportunity to interview job applicants when they are being hired for positions reporting to them. Startup owners and managers who are involved in hiring people for the first time would like to find out the common questions to ask during the interview to help them assess the job applicants. This information about interview questions can also help candidates who are attending the interview prepare for it better.


One of the main questions being asked is the introductory question ” Tell me something about yourself”. For this, the person being interviewed should briefly inform about the educational qualifications and professional experience if any. Fresh graduates who have no professional experience can also share their family background. They should also share some details about their hobbies and achievements especially if they are relevant to the job they are applying for. They should avoid sharing personal information especially about relationships with others.

Reason for applying

The interviewer will usually ask the job applicant why he is applying for the specific job, since there are usually other options for the job applicant. The answer to this question depends on how much the applicant wants to get the job. If the company is very reputed, he should do some research on the company to find a suitable answer which will impress the interviewer. If the company is not very well known, the candidate should do some research on the job profile and make up a suitable answer on why he is interested in the job. In some cases, the interviewer may also ask the applicant why they should select him, when so many others are applying for the same job.

Strengths and weaknesses

Another very frequently asked interview question for job applicants is their strength and weakness which will help the interviewer decide whether the candidate has the qualities required to do the job properly. Most people are aware of their strengths, especially if they have some work experience wherein their colleagues and managers have told them. So the applicant should be able to highlight the positive qualities which will help him do contribute to the company where he is being employed. Answering the question about weakness is usually more difficult, since the job applicant will not want the weakness to disqualify him from being selected. So it is advisable to highlight a quality which is both a strength and weakness.

Future plans

Often, the interviewer will ask the job applicant what his future plans are and what he thinks he will be doing five years later. The job applicant should decide what he wishes to do in future and what position he hopes to achieve. For this, the applicant should also do some research on the company, how it functions, and what are the career paths of the employees.


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