7 tips for your virtual job interview

virtual job interview
Young Businesswoman Videochatting With Colleagues On Computer In Office

Life continues – even though we are all at home. This also applies to starting your first job, looking for an internship, or changing jobs. The application process now mainly takes place at home.

The advantages of an online conversation is that you do not have to worry about how to get there, where to park and take into account any delays. That makes a difference! Furthermore, all traditional job interview tips and advice still apply, but with an online job interview, a number of other tips also come in handy. 

You can also apply these seven tips for your virtual application during online meetings or an online oral exam. Besides your job, you can try some brand new casino sites to earn handsome cash online. 

  1. Light, light and more light

You make a good first impression by using good light. Grab your laptop and walk around your house in search of the perfect light. This can be daylight, light from a professional ring lamp or just your desk lamp. Try everything out, you can’t think of it. Even a flashlight used for DIY can come in handy. If you have several options, choose an LED lamp. Pay attention to how the light falls on your face and avoid nasty shadows. Don’t forget to clean your webcam!

  1. Background distraction

Have you found the right light? Now think about your background. Clean up all the mess! Make sure that the person you are talking to is not distracted by – for example – your dirty laundry in the background. The setting you are in can create a negative image, but also a positive one. During a conversation you can give an impression of who you are. You can do this by displaying specific items. Think of your favorite books, music, diplomas or family photos.

  1. Eye contact and body language

The rule of thirds is important when putting down your laptop. This rule means – more or less – that your camera is approximately at eye level. Put your laptop on a box or some books if you need to. Try to make eye contact as much as possible and don’t stare at yourself on the screen all the time! Make it easy for yourself by sticking a sticker with googly eyes next to the camera. Also pay attention to your body language during the conversation. Non-verbal communication at a distance is also important.

  1. Clothing & make-up

Dress yourself the same way you would for a physical interview. This of course means that you shouldn’t get into your baggy clothes or pajama pants. It has even been proven that what you wear affects your mood and performance. This way you also avoid an awkward moment if you happen to have to get up. Tip! Put on nice lingerie to feel more powerful. Nobody sees it under your clothes, but it does make you appear more confident.

The camera makes your skin extra shiny. If you never wear makeup, at least powder your face. Avoid all glossy make-up and go for matte products . A little highlighter is possible! Do your makeup behind your laptop instead of in front of the mirror.

  1. Quiet space

Make sure you are left alone during your conversation. Let everyone in your household know that you have an important job interview and ask them not to disturb you. Be yourself. If you expect the doorbell to ring or that one of your children will make a noise, please let us know in advance. That’s how you come across as sincere and people are usually understanding. Mute yourself when you’re not talking and turn off your phone notifications. Etiquette is also important online. People will notice if your attention is focused elsewhere in between. If you have a long break before starting your online meeting then you can try some casino sites like online casino canada

  1. Double check your technology

Everything that can go wrong goes wrong. Unless you prepare for it and check everything carefully. Take enough time in advance to check your camera, microphone and your internet connection. If something is wrong, you can indicate this in time or possibly solve it.

Read the instructions

There are several platforms that can be used. Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, et cetera. Prepare ahead of time by installing the software, creating an account, and seeing if it works. You may also need login codes or something similar. Read the instructions carefully and be prepared.

Good luck with your new job!


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