Saving money on your online purchases: 9 tips for a discount

Saving money on your online purchases

New clothes, a complete garden set or the weekly shopping: we are happy to order it online. Now that we are staying at home en masse due to the corona virus, we are forced to order even more often than before. It is therefore not wrong to know how you can save money on your online purchases.

Tip 1: Look for a discount code

You know it: you have all the products in your shopping cart and you are ready to pay for them. Until you see the empty field with the text ‘Do you have a discount code?’ Above it. You hadn’t thought of it at first, but now go Googling anyway. Very smart, because a discount code is the easiest way to save money on your online purchases.

Where can I find a discount code?

If a discount code is available, you will often see it directly on the homepage of the webshop. Otherwise you can always Google: name of the store + discount code. There are also several websites that collect the codes for you. Super handy!

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Tip 2: Sign up for the newsletter

If you are on a store’s website, scroll all the way down. You will often find the option to register for the newsletter here. Sometimes you will also receive a discount code when you register. And you will be kept informed of all offers via the newsletter. You don’t like it? Then you can always unsubscribe.

Tip 3: Wait for the sale

Do you think the price of those nice sneakers is a bit on the high side? Then you can wait for the sale. These are often seasonal: there is a sale at the end of the summer and at the end of the winter. At a number of stores you will find a ‘sale’ or ‘outlet’ on the website as standard.

Tip 4: Follow your favorite stores on social media

You often see nice (win) promotions and discount codes on social media. Not a wrong move to follow your favorite store.

Extra tips for Instagram users

Do you have Instagram? Take a look at which posts the store is tagged in. Nowadays, especially the larger fashion brands often work together with influencers. Sometimes they share a unique discount code on their account, which you will find between the tagged photos.

You can also search Instagram for ‘Tags’. Enter # + store name + discount code in the search bar. For example: #discountcode. You may be lucky and find something!

Tip 5: View the folder

In addition to the paper folder, many shops now also have an online folder. Here you will find an overview of all the current offers. It is also always stated when the offer is valid, so that you know until when you can buy the product with a discount.

Tip 6: Create an account

At many shops you can save for a discount yourself. Often you have to create an account on the website first, so that all your purchases can be registered. If you have placed a certain number of orders, you will receive a discount. If you like to play casinos online then create an account on the best casino games site. They also offer discount and bonuses depending on the game.    

With a number of brands – such as Nike and de Bijenkorf – you even receive free shipping as standard if you have an account.

Tip 7: Go for free shipping

Nowadays, many large retail chains no longer charge shipping costs. But there are still plenty of web shops where you quickly pay € 4.95 extra. In that case, check whether there is a minimum order value for free shipping. Suppose your order is shipped for free from € 20 and you have € 18 in your shopping cart at that time. Then it is cheaper to see if there are bargains to be found for a few euros.

If the minimum order value is much higher, you can also order together with someone. Maybe you can meet the minimum order value for free shipping together. And otherwise you can divide the shipping costs among themselves.

Tip 8: Ask for a gift voucher for your birthday

Do you have a short wish list this year? Then you can always ask for a digital gift voucher for your birthday. These are often for sale from € 5. This way you can later shop with a discount at your favorite webshop.

Tip 9: Put these dates in your agenda

During the national holidays there are often discount promotions. In addition, there are a number of other dates on which you can guarantee savings on your online purchases.

How much money have you saved?

Were you able to save on the basis of the above tips for a discount? You may want to put the money you have left in a separate account so that you don’t spend it on something you might not need. At Knab you simply open a new savings account. That will cost you nothing extra at all. This way you can keep track of how much money you were able to save on your online purchases!


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