Ways to Live Sustainably, One Step at a Time


It’s already 2021. And we’re getting nearer and nearer to Earth’s “deadline.” We’re less than a decade away from the time in which the damage by greenhouse gas emissions will be irreversible. Thus, society must do what it can to curb the damage. Here are some ways to live Sustainably, keep reading to find about it one step at a time.

This can start through small changes in one’s lifestyle. Even if each person implements the same small, sustainable change in their everyday life, it will still make a huge difference.

Avoid Disposable Plastic Items

Plastic is a big part of the daily life of our live sustainably. Plastic can create durable but affordable items, such as plastic bags and containers for takeouts and grocery items. But plastic items are significant contributors to global warming. For instance, in 2019, the estimated amount of greenhouse gas emissions due to plastic production and incineration was 850 million tonnes. Not to mention, they also threaten wildlife.

Thus, you need to reduce their use of plastic as much as possible. Consider using cloth bags to carry their items instead of plastic bags. Also, instead of plastic cutlery, bring your own instead. Given the pandemic, using one’s own things is much safer. You can also ditch plastic straws or use eco-friendly alternatives like metal and bamboo straws.

Some might argue that plastic can be recycled, so it’s okay to keep using it. But that’s not always true. Not all plastics can be recycled. For example, small plastic pieces such as straws and cutlery can’t be recycled since they’re too tiny. A small sacrifice of ditching plastic, especially single-use items, can help save the environment.

Make Your Home Energy-efficient

If you want to upgrade your home and become more sustainable, consider using energy-efficient appliances. You can buy refrigerators, washing machines, HVAC units, and other home appliances with ENERGY STAR ratings. This way, you know that these units are certified by the government to be energy-efficient.

As for your lights, consider using LED bulbs. They use at least 75% less energy, which means you also get to save some money on your utility bill. LED bulbs are also more long-lasting than incandescent lighting.You can also install residential solar panels in your home. They will give you a renewable energy source so that you can become less dependent on the grid. Using solar panels will also reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

Grow a Vegetable Garden

You can live sustainably lifestyle by growing your own vegetable garden. For example, in many grocery stores, vegetables are wrapped in plastic. You can avoid buying these plastic-wrapped veggies if you have your own garden. You can pick what you need from your backyard, wash them, and then consume them.

Another good thing about having a garden is that you can grow crops without using harmful chemicals to pollute the soil. Plants also naturally clean the air. They take CO2 and convert it to oxygen.

Use Eco-friendly Toiletries

We use personal care items every day. These include shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and so on. That means these items make up a huge chunk of our garbage. Most beauty companies who produce these personal care items rely on plastic for packaging. But as already mentioned earlier, this material is a hazard to the environment.

Thus, you can try to shift to more eco-friendly choices for your toiletries. For example, you can buy soap that doesn’t come with plastic packaging. You can use shampoo and conditioner bars instead of bottled variants. As for your toothbrush, consider using one that comes with a bamboo or wooden handle instead of a plastic handle. The bristles in these alternatives are still plastic. But you can reduce your plastic waste by using one with a handle that can be broken down in compost.

Support Sustainable Fashion

Fast fashion is what’s in these past few years. But it presents a waste problem. When trends change in a flash, consumers will also buy and immediately dispose of their clothing items to match what’s in. Some even get rid of clothes even if they’ve only been worn once. The result? The fashion industry generates at least 2 million tons of waste.

You can turn things around by supporting sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion brands are mindful of how the raw materials for their products are sourced. They also ensure that their waste products are properly disposed of. Some brands also make clothing pieces from recycled materials, decreasing the fashion industry’s waste.

Living sustainably means being dedicated to it and committing to changing and sacrificing some things you’re used to. Nonetheless, by starting with small changes, you’ll be able to easily get on your path towards sustainable living.


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