How to Hire a Private Investigator to Find Out If Your Partner is Cheating on You

your partner is cheating

There are times where you need to investigate your private life but through a third person. In Melbourne and many other Australian states, it’s legal to hire a private investigator to investigate several private matters and find out if your partner is cheating. But there are specific protocols both you and the investigator need to follow. 

If it’s your first time hiring a PI, this article is for you. Learn how to hire a PI to find out if your partner is cheating or disloyal to you.

Licensing Comes First

The law makes it mandatory for private investigator in Melbourne to be licensed by Victoria’s state police. They must undergo a strict screening process and licensing course. Only after the approval can they investigate cases privately.

So when hiring a PI for your case, you must ensure that he or she has a valid license. Without this, you might be breaking the law and face charges for it. It would help if you crossed check the licensing details with the Victorian police department before handing over the case.

Hire a PI That Specialises in Relationship Investigation

There are different types of private investigators you can hire in Melbourne. And they vary by their area of specialisation.

You’ll have corporate investigators who check the background of the employees. Some cyber PIs specialise in digital information and cases.

If you need to investigate your spouse’s case, it’s better to hire an investigator specialising in relationship investigation.

Although there will be overlaps, you should go for specialists.

Check for Insurance Coverage

Just like licensing, checking for insurance coverage is essential before hiring a private investigation agency. They should be covered by liability insurance.

If the PI breaks the law or violates the terms, you can legally sue him for his actions and file for compensation with their insurance carrier. If the claims are legit, then you’ll get compensated for your losses.

Without this insurance cover in place, you’ll find it harder to recoup the losses. They might not even be allowed to operate without liability coverage.

So with a license, also check and validate the insurance coverage.

Sign a Confidentiality Clause

Hiring a private investigator and carrying out an independent investigation is a sensitive act. Thus, you must ensure privacy and confidentiality.

You should hold the investigator accountable for maintaining privacy throughout the process. So sign a confidentiality agreement that would restrict them legally to leak out information.

Besides confidentiality, you should also ensure they respect privacy laws. Each state has its own privacy law, which they must abide by.

Agree of Payment and Cancellation Terms

As the last measure, you must settle on the payment and cancellation terms. Discuss with the investigator how he charges his fees, whether it’s a flat upfront fee or on a commission basis. 

If they charge a flat fee, then what happens if the PI fails to get the desired results? This should be covered in the cancellation clause. It will hold both parties accountable for financial transactions.

Many PIs are operating in the black market. They would promise guaranteed results but would lack licensing or a physical location. It’s better to hire a reputed private investigator to check if your partner is cheating or not.


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