Homemade Soft Furnishings for Your Home

Homemade Soft Furnishings

Many of us take pride in our home and like to decorate it so that it looks as appealing and homely as possible. If you enjoy making things and have a creative side, you might want to make some items for your home as it can be a gratifying and satisfying thing to do. Here are three homemade soft furnishings ideas for your home. 

Cozy Cushions

An easy thing to make for your home is a pillow or cushion. You can make these from any type of fabric and make them any size or shape. Making a cushion is a great way to practice your sewing, and it also gives you an attractive and functional home furnishing at the end.

Be as creative as you like when you are designing your cushion. Cut two pieces of fabric to the same shape and size and sew them together or by hand. For a neater and more professional finish, use a sewing machine to sew the fabric together and finish seams professionally with a coverstitch machine. Insert a zip or buttons so you can make the cover removable for washing and stuff the inside with an appropriately sized cushion pad. 

Rocking Rugs

Rugs are a great project to do with the whole family and, depending on what type of rug you make, don’t require a tremendous amount of skill.

Rag rugs are probably one of the easiest floor coverings to create. Tear or cut strips of fabric – use old scraps or some you have purchased for the task, and tie the ribbons to a piece of rug netting or a length of string. Leave the two untied ends sticking up to form the carpet pile. If you are tying the fabric pieces to lengths of string, once you have enough to make a rug of the desired size, join them together using a strong thread. 

A fun way to make a soft rug is to join lots of woolen poms poms together. Use different colored yarns to tone in with your decor and form into different shapes if you want to. You can construct a rainbow pom-pom rug for a kids room or a chic circular carpet for your lounge.

Beautiful Bean Bags

Bean bags are handy to have around the home as extra seating for kids or for a comfortable place to park your butt in the garden.

Decide whether you want a beanbag to use indoors or out. If you want some outdoor seats, ensure you choose waterproof material for the outer part of the beanbag. You will need fabric measuring about 42 inches in width for a large chair – this will make a beanbag around 32 inches wide. Look for a sewing pattern in a sewing shop or online on sewing websites, Pinterest or Etsy. It is best to sew the beanbag together using a machine rather than sewing by hand because the seams need to be secure so that the filling does not fall out and strong enough to withstand the weight of a person pushing against them. Once you have made the bag, you can fill it with polystyrene pellets or any other suitable stuffing medium for Homemade Soft Furnishings.



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