What Are The Top Options for Car Paint Protection?

Car Paint Protection

Investing in paint protection will surely pay off when you see your car shining like new for years. Many technologies have come up to save car owners from the pain of seeing their cars getting scratched or tainted by environmental contaminants. 

Paint protection films and ceramic coatings are two of the most popular options of car paint protection. They have recently topped the list of car owners looking for solutions to protect their vehicles. Let’s look at both these products in detail below.

Paint Protection Film

A paint protection film is also known as the PPF. The film is made of an incredible polyurethane-based substance whose primary task is to protect the car’s surface from scratches, corrosion, and oxidation. Here are some of its benefits. 

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

  • Prevents oxidation and fading: Paint Protection Film protects the car from the sun. Over time, the sun’s UV rays can cause the paint on your vehicle to oxidise and become dull. However, if you have the PPF installed, it will work as a protective layer between the sun’s UV rays and the paint, preventing damage to your car paint.
  • Offers an enhanced finish: The PPF will help you get a smooth, shiny surface that’s free from any blemishes and scratches. You can customise the look of your exterior paint by choosing the gloss or matt variant. The installation is flawless, leaving no glue marks or orange peel behind. 
  • Protects against chemicals and corrosion: Infused with four layers of material, the PPF acts as a barrier against harmful contaminants and chemicals that can damage the car’s paint. It prevents staining and reduces paint damage. It also prevents fogging on headlights.
  • Heals scratches: PPF material is self-healing, which means it heals all the scratches on your car. It is a transparent film that’s almost invisible to the eyes once applied. It conceals any chips or scratches on your car’s surface without affecting its overall aesthetics.

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coating is the application of a clear coat of liquid polymer to protect the car’s paint. It sets on the car’s paint as a protective layer saving it from abrasions, oxidation, and UV rays. Here are its benefits:

  • Hydrophobic: Hydrophobic means it does not allow water to stay on the car’s surface. Hence, it will repel muddy water and other liquid substances keeping your car’s exterior clean from unwanted stains. It’s also easier to clean ceramic coated surfaces.
  • Acts as a sunscreen: Just like your skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays, your car also requires it. With ceramic coating, you can give sun protection to your vehicle. This way, the UV rays will not be able to fade your car’s paint, and it will stay protected from oxidation.
  • Enhance the Surface: The coating works to add extra shine to the surface of your car. If you have this on your old car, it will look like a new one. It is resistant to chemicals and contaminants such as bird dropping, tree sap, etc. 
  • Prevents Scratching: Once you have this coating on, it will protect your car from light scratches and swirl marks. The robust coating is nearly impossible to remove as it binds to the surface. 

Which Is Better?

Both the PPF and the ceramic coating share many benefits. However, they differ in some areas. As compared to ceramic coating, the PPF offers more protection from abrasions from debris and rock chips. 

The layered film absorbs the debris and prevents it from penetrating the surface.  But it needs to be replaced after some time, unlike the ceramic coating that remains for a lifetime. The PPF film may dull the paint’s glossy surface while the ceramic paint enhances it, adding more shine. 

Hence, both the car paint protection options have some benefits, and it’s totally subjective, which one is better. You can choose any weighing all the options, their pros, and cons. It’s better to make an informed choice keeping all the things like your budget, car’s size, and needs in mind. Whichever option you select, you will increase your car’s value.


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