Top 5 Greatest TikTok Tips and Tricks in 2021

Greatest TikTok Tips and Tricks

Despite tough competition, TikTok has become one of the most popular video-sharing social media platforms amongst the modern generation. The creative interface allows the users to create short videos between 15 seconds to 60 seconds. It has also gained attraction from millions of people.

TikTok can be considered as a rival of both Instagram and YouTube. As both of them are video as well as image sharing applications, it is believed that TikTok was inspired by these two platforms. Aside from creating and uploading videos, most of the people install TikTok just to enjoy videos from other creators as a viewer. 

Whether you’re a regular viewer or a content creator, there are some hidden tricks of TikTok that you should not miss. The tricks can also help you to enhance privacy and content creation.

Hide the TikTok Videos You Liked

If you wondered how to look at your likes on TikTok, it’s fairly easy. In “Profile” section there is a “Liked Videos” option.

Do you know that the people who visit your profile can see which videos you liked? This isn’t a major issue, but maybe you prefer some privacy and don’t want to show your interest to unknown people.

If you’re thinking to hide your liked videos from unknown users, then this TikTok trick will help you. You just need to go to profile settings and click the “Privacy and Safety” button, and then you’ll find an option saying “Who can view your liked videos”. From there, just enable the “Only Me” option and your concern is solved.

Manage the TikTok Account Login

You may want to open your TikTok account from any other smartphone than yours. It could be your mother’s phone or your friend’s phone. However, the main problem arises when you forget to log out. Well, this trick can help you to know where you’ve logged in to your account.

Just click the home screen’s “Me” button and then select the “Manage My Account” option. After that, you’ll notice the option “Security”.

From there you’ll receive the complete list of phones where you’ve logged in. Then you can log out as well as remove any device.

You Can Create Live Wallpapers Too

While you scroll through the TikTok feed, you may find a video that quickly becomes your favorite. Additionally, you want that video as your live wallpaper. 

To do this, you need TikTok Wall Picture which is created by TikTok. The TikTok Wall Picture is nothing but a plug-in, so you don’t have to worry about spam or malware. After complete downloading, launch the TikTok application and select your favorite video. There you’ll find the “Share” button and upon clicking, select the “Live Photo” option.

The next step will show a preview of the wallpaper and if you love it, press the “Set Wallpaper” button to apply.

If you want to gain more visibility, then buy TikTok views.

Add Videos in Your Favorite Section

While surfing TikTok, you might think of bookmarking a particular video instead of downloading it to watch later. It’s a very easy process. Just press any video and hold for a couple of seconds. Then you will find an option “Add to favorites”.

When you tap on the “Add to favorites” option, your video will be saved in the favorite section. Not only you can save videos but also various sound effects, video effects, and hashtags.

You Can Save Time and Data Usage with Screen Time Management

If you realize that you’re spending too much of your valuable time and internet on TikTok, then as per Medium, you can restrict the data usage as well as time spent through screen time management. You just need to launch the app and visit the “Settings” page. Then select the option “Digital Wellbeing”.

You will notice an option named screen time management. Just click it, set the screen time, and confirm activating it. You can set any time limit between 40 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and 120 minutes.

When you reach the specified time limit, the application will need your phone password to be typed. This way it can work as an alarm for TikTok.


Whether you are a rookie or an advanced TikTok user, the above TikTok tricks can surely provide you a much smoother experience. Judging by the growth, TikTok will introduce more tips and tricks in near future through various updates. So, try to check for updates monthly to receive any additional features.


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