Custom Flags for Promotional Purposes and Effective Marketing

Custom Flags for Promotional Purposes and Effective Marketing

Having a banner and space ads may not be enough to create a brand aura at a conventional space or an event. The best approach here to install custom flags, which can share your simple and classy brand message to the spectators much quickly and easily. A study had shown that about 85% of the pass by drivers notice custom flags to remember the place. Custom flags with too much information as texts or images imprinted on them will make it hard to understand. So, the ideal approach is to keep these simple and minimal.

However, even when you are bound to keep custom flags simple, make sure they are made attractive and eye-catching. Simultaneously, considering the outdoor advertising mediums, the divers or people who pass-by may not have a glimpse of it for more than five to ten seconds. It is very important to grab their attention within that limited timeframe to make sure that your message is conveyed and registered on their mind successfully. This is the reason why you should know about setting up the best custom flags which convert.

Feather flag text size and fonts

It is important to consider the text printed on your custom flags and other graphics as logos printed on it. Ensure that the text you print on to custom flags is kept simple and easily readable to all. Do not make it long sentences, but just a couple of lines with a maximum of three to four words each.

Promotional flags are cheaper

There are various outdoor advertising modes as commercials, billboards, display boards, and even radio or TV commercials, which all can cost you big. Suppose you are a small business and running on a limited budget. In that case, custom flags for promotions are a largely cheaper mode of effective outdoor advertising, which anyone can afford to do.

Many options in custom flags

We have discussed the option of a feather flag in the first part of this article. Similarly, various other standard types of custom flags are rectangular flags, square flags, triangular flags, etc. You may consult an expert designer who can give you some valuable insights as to which shape and what kind of color and font will be ideal for designing a custom flag for your brand.

Where to install custom flags?

Custom flags are ideally installed at many different locations. For a retail store or mall, you may think of installing pole-fixed or feather custom flags at the edge of the compound near to the road, at the parking load, or near to your entrance. You can fix the flags near the entrance and the nearby walkways at a sporting stadium or a university campus. You can creatively think of the location to install custom flags based on the nature of your business and available space by ensuring easy visibility to the spectators.

As there are many vendors in custom printing that offers custom flag making, you can easily consult with them and find the best cost-effective and professional option in custom flag printing. Work along with the printers by sharing your ideas and insights and sitting the designers to customize your flag and choose your custom flag’s material size and orientation.


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