Top 5 clinics for a facelift surgery over the globe

facelift surgery

In today’s world, people increasingly want to look and feel their best. Plastic surgery can help them achieve this goal and slow down the aging process. That is why facelift is gaining such popularity. About 400,000 face lifting operations are carried out in the world annually. Facial plastic surgery is developing especially rapidly in Turkey and South Korea. 

Why is it worth going for a facelift to another country?

When deciding whether to go to a foreign clinic for treatment or not, each person should know several important facts:

  • Medical innovations — foreign clinics for face lifting, especially in South Korea use the most innovative methods and treatment protocols. Many of these surgical methods are often not available in most countries of the world. Consequently, facelift operations in Korean clinics will be much more effective.
  • A facelift abroad does not have to be expensive — to achieve great results, you need advanced equipment and innovative treatment methods. In countries where they are developed and used very often, they are much cheaper than in countries where such methods are new. You can save up to 75% getting a face lifting in such countries as Turkey or Mexico. 
  • Medical tourism programs — today everyone can use such a program, having received significant benefits. At the same price, you get not only the operation itself but also logistic assistance, all medicines needed, and language assistance (upon request).

Where should you go for a facelift?

According to internal statistics and patient reviews, which are posted on the Bookimed medical tourism platform, the top best clinics include:

Estetik International Bursa, Turkey

This Turkish clinic was established quite recently but has already received worldwide recognition. The doctors here use innovative facelift techniques — Spyder Web is the most well-known one. It was developed by the founder of the clinic — Dr. Bulent Cihantimur, one of the 50 most famous plastic surgeons in the world. New facelift approaches and excellent services are available at very affordable prices because pricing is regulated by the local government and corresponds to the income level of the country’s citizens.

Severance Hospital, South Korea

Severance is a comprehensive medical center, but an amazing plastic surgery clinic works on its premises. Severance Aesthetic Clinic is considered one of the best facelift centers in the country. The clinic is trendy among patients from the United Kingdom and Russian Federation. 

Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center, Turkey

One of the leading specialized clinics for a face lifting in Turkey. Nearly 4,000 medical tourists prefer the services of Istanbul Aesthetics. Most of them are from the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and other Western European states. The clinic is famous for its excellent quality of services at affordable prices. 

What facelift methods are used in the leading clinics? 

Surgery is now the most effective option of facial correction — it helps to keep the result for a long time. There are several techniques of a surgical facelift, each of which has its unique features:

  • cervicofacial facelift — only the skin is tightened, muscles are practically not affected.
  • SMAS lifting — allows eliminating skin imperfections, defects of muscles, adipose, and connective tissues.
  • endoscopic facelift — the lifting of the upper third of the face is carried out using a special device — an endoscope. This facelift technique is less traumatic and significantly reduces the rehabilitation time.
  • subcutaneous facelift — deep facial structures such as muscle and fatty tissue are not affected by the lift.
  • rhytidectomy — allows eliminating absolutely all age-related defects on the face skin.

How to arrange the facelift surgery in another country? 

If you want to go for a facelift surgery abroad, you have to go through 7 steps:

  1. Choose a medical facility
  2. Find out information about the clinic
  3. Request the clinic
  4. Choose your doctor
  5. Consult a plastic surgeon
  6. Select surgery date
  7. Book tickets and accommodation.

For many people, it is quite difficult to figure out all this on their own. That’s why they use the international services that allow them to go through these steps in one place.

Bookimed is an international platform for finding clinics and doctors fo free. Now the service cooperates with more than 600 clinics in 32 countries. The Bookimed team has already helped half of a million people find the best medical solution and get the desired result. The key advantage of this platform is the possibility to consult with a medical coordinator who will answer all questions and provide all the information you need.


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