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Tik Tok is an app and social network that started out as a social network for music videos, but is now massively popular with teenagers. Including in Russia.

The essence of the social network is that you shoot short music videos that your fans see, and you can also subscribe to bloggers who shoot content that interests you. And also – to participate in challenges.

How brands use TikTok

TikTok has public accounts, statistics are available in them, you can add a category and a short description, as well as a link to Instagram, upload videos on behalf of the brand.

For example, Sberbank is making good use of all this, promoting its youth card in Tik Tok.

Targeted advertising is not yet available on TikTok, only blogger ads and

At the same time, bloggers spend more time creating content than on Instagram, in fact, all popular videos are ironic sketches or dances, so bloggers need filming, cutting, editing + often voice acting.

What are the restrictions in Tik Tok

More than 40% of the audience is under 18 years old, and these are not only teenagers, but also children of 9-11 years old. The total audience is 1.5 million, that is, over 18 years old – 900 thousand people. On a social network scale, this is not much.
No geolocation: bloggers cannot be searched by city

The audience of bloggers is also wide, all regions are represented, there are both large cities and villages and villages.

Analytics of posted blog posts is almost impossible. Only likes and actions, who was the target audience of the post – we will not be able to see.

Tik Tok is still a purely entertainment social network for a wide audience of teenagers, the responsibility of bloggers will be lower, purely by age

An obvious risk factor: it is unclear how long the application will be popular, take off or disappear. Snapchat, Periscope, Tumblr – they were also on the hype wave of popularity, but faded when large social networks implemented their similar functionality. What will happen to TikTok is not yet clear.
On the plus side: though a very young audience (there are practically no people over 28 in TikTok at all), also low advertising costs, a small number of cheat accounts, and a long watching time – in Russia it is 13 minutes.

A very recent example is the advertising company Maybeline in Russia, in which girls put the hashtag #will dance with their eyebrows and shoot a video.

How to work with TikTok right now

As long as there is low competition in TikTok, the cost of advertising is low, and bloggers are gladly ready to cooperate. So roll up our sleeves to start promoting our customers on TikTok!

And here are the ways that seem to me to be obviously suitable for this:

Organic reach

Yes, yes, it still exists. In this regard, TikTok is generally an exotic social network: it provides free coverage even to those posts for which no one has subscribed at all. And if you create good content, then a large number of reactions to your videos will immediately increase your reach significantly.

In a word, if viral content is something that you are good at, then you can really try to promote exclusively with the help of content. Look at what is trending right now and you will get to the point.

Cooperation with bloggers Tik Tok

Everything is exactly the same as on Instagram and other social networks. You are looking for a blogger, agree with him about cooperation for payment or for barter, and then the blogger shoots a video.

Use of hashtags in TikTok

Both their own and popular ones. It is by hashtags that there are often flash mobs among bloggers, which can then turn into a challenge, so it is useful to promote your own.

And if you use other people’s hashtags, especially challenge hashtags, then you appear in the general challenge feed and you can increase your reach.

Challenges at Tik Tok

For the challenge, a general idea is important, which can be picked up by both bloggers and teenagers. Usually this is some kind of funny movement or action related to the product + jingle, the same for all videos by hashtag.

You can add your own description and picture to the challenge, and the video of the authors of the challenge is marked as author’s. Both ordinary people and bloggers can shoot videos on the challenge.

There were also commercial challenges, like #inmydenim from Guess. This is how the Yula advertising campaign was created in Russia.


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