How to Treat an Escort: A Basic Etiquette

Treat an Escort

Escort services are becoming immensely popular nowadays. Many people love hiring escorts to meet their emotional and physical needs. However, spending time with an escort requires some rules and etiquette. If you are hiring an escort for the first time, it’s extremely important to know how to Treat an Escort right. With this in mind, this article will discuss some of the basic manners that you, as a client, should have to make your experience memorable. 

Below is the list of some do’s and don’ts that you should practice to Treat an Escort if you plan to hire an escort. 

  • Be Respectful: Don’t disrespect the escort you have booked. It’s important that you treat them with dignity and respect. Paying for the service doesn’t give you the right to take them for granted. Also, it’s crucial that you don’t judge them for their profession. It would be highly indecent to question them about their job. Therefore, you should avoid it completely. 

Similarly, you should Treat an Escort properly as a client too as respect is a two-way process. Talking about respect, you can check Bristol transexual escort reviews. Their escorts will make you feel appreciated and respected. 

  • Know Your Boundaries: Hiring an escort doesn’t mean that you are free to do anything. There has to be a consensus between you and her. If she stops you from doing certain things during sexual activity, you must respect her decision. Don’t force her to do things she is not comfortable with. It’s good if you know your limits and boundaries.
  • Safety First: Having safe sex is a must. You should not try something that can cause any type of injury to the escort. Even if you both get into BDSM, make sure it doesn’t go to a level where it can cause serious harm. The most important thing is to always use a condom. Most escort agencies clearly mention what they expect from the clients regarding all the safety measures. But even if it is not mentioned, try to take all the safety measures at your end. 
  • Go Neatly Dressed Up: You should be dressed up nicely and neatly while meeting your escort. Under no circumstances should you be drunk or smell bad. Besides, you should be properly groomed, be it your beard or nails. 
  • Discuss Things In Advance: Get in touch with the escort beforehand. Be clear and open about your expectations, and ensure that your escort is ready to fulfil them. Getting into a discussion about your needs after she’s with you will be inappropriate. You two should be focused on having a good time once you are together rather than discussing what has to be done. 
  • Don’t Offer Escorts Money to Cross Boundaries: If an escort is not ready for something, don’t force her. Offering her extra money to make her cross boundaries isn’t ethical. Don’t offend her by bribing her with some extra bucks. 
  • Don’t Be Violent or Rude: If you don’t like the service provided by the escort you hired, don’t be violent or rude. You have no right to shout at her. Instead, you can work out things by talking. There could be a possibility that you are not clear about your expectations. Communication is the key so talking with your escort could help. If nothing works for you, leaving would be a better option than getting rude. 
  • Give a Positive Feedback if You Like the Service: If you really had a great time with your escort, you should give her positive feedback and write a review. It will help her get more clients and advance in her career.
  • Give Compliments: Just like any other lady, escorts too, love receiving compliments. Show them that you appreciate them. Tell them that you are having a good time, compliment them on their looks, and make them smile. You can feel a difference if you treat them like ladies. They will be happy to please you if you are comfortable with them. 
  • Tidy Hotel Room: If you invite an escort to a hotel room, ensure that it’s welcoming. You should get it cleaned beforehand. Make it look nice and presentable to get your lady in the mood. 
  • Leave on a Good Note: You should bid goodbye to your escort in a good way. Don’t just get ready to leave after she has satisfied you. You can take out five minutes to let her know that she did a good job. Don’t be in a haste to leave the place the minute you’re done. If you are really impressed and wish to see her again, let her know. It will boost her confidence and show her that you enjoyed her company. 
  • Don’t Have False Expectations: You should know that escorts are not in charge of your bodies. They can’t control the way your bodies function. So, assuming that you will definitely have the best orgasm of your life if you hire an escort is wrong. They can’t control your bodies; they can only try their best to make the whole experience enjoyable for you. Beyond that, they can’t do anything.


Hiring an escort is easy, but treating her right requires skills and manners. There are some do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind while meeting an escort. It’s important to spend time with an escort with a positive attitude. Don’t Treat an Escort as if you own her. You should be respectful towards her and behave like a gentleman. Besides, knowing your and her limits will help you both have a nice time. Please don’t indulge in anything that can make her uncomfortable and give safety a priority. 

It’s also important to be polite irrespective of the circumstances. Keep these things in mind and implement them the next time you go out with an escort. Good luck! 



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